Family trip to Racine Wisconsin 2001….


Images from our 2001 family vacation.The image is from Lake Michigan. We went up to Racine to see my Grandmother Andersen. The entire clan wandered our way out of Indiana and into Wisconsin. We were there in June or July. It was right around the time that I was just beginning to travel for work. I had my first international business trip in 2000 (Amsterdam) and had just started flying all over the Central Region of the US. This was the last time we would see my Grandmother Andersen. Mom and dad went up several more times, but this was our last family trip to see her. Grandma A lived 20 more years than Grandpa Ole did, but she was much younger than he was when they married.


Here is a chunk of the family I won’t do all the names. Grandma was in her 90’s at this point. She was still living on her own the first trip we took up to Wisconsin when Jakki was little. That would have been 1993. She was living with my great Aunt Martha at that time. Later in a retirement and care facility. My memories of my grandmother Andersen are different. I remember her not cooking, so when Lynne and I were old enough to cook, and visiting her, we would cook. She always had dogs, I remember the dogs. I love dogs so I would talk tot hem. She lived with Great Aunt Mart for many years after Grandpa died. She also lived in 1/2 a Duplex that was shared with my Aunt Dorothy and my cousins Kristin and Ricky.


I’ve blogged about this day before. The event that occurred this particular day that remains stuck in my mind. In fact to this day it is true. Back then you had to ask Nick to hug people goodbye. He would by nature stand back and not participate in goodbyes. But when he said goodbye to his great-grandmother he gave her a hug and then a kiss on the cheek. He never kissed people on the cheek and it was amazing. As if at 3 years old he knew this was somebody really important. I think that everyone stopped for a second all of us knew Nick kiss people often. It was one of those moments you stop and pause and know that you are with family and all is right with the world.


Family Historian

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