We went to a festival only to find it was infested with twins (joke- kidding).


In 1999 we traversed Ohio to a town called Twinsburg. It was founded surprisingly by a set of Twins. I would guess that someday the boys might go again but the one time was enough for the rest of us. If you think one set of twins is scary, try being in a parade with more than 4000 sets of twins, triplets and multiples. The town has the festival every single year. Again once was enough for the boys, but we still have the picture. We ended up leading a section of the parade. We wandered through the town of Twinsburg Ohio. Twinsburg is just South of Cleveland. We ended up moving out of Cincinnati Ohio later that fall (in October). The festival is usually around the first week of August, and last year (2015) was actually the 40th anniversary.


I have to say over the years that Barb has gotten quite adept at managing two children at once. (I hope I have but who knows). She was always prepared when we went on trips like the one in the Twinsburg pictures here. She had wipes, diapers and changes of clothing. When Jakki was little, she would get car sick on the way to Indiana. So she always arrived in a new outfit. I have to say now that maybe she was just wanting a new outfit and forced herself to get sick. (kidding Jakki). By the time the boys were this age we were rolling along. We were ready for twins. We collected two of everything. Now they are very different people and it is very funny to me how much difference there is. But then it was about being prepared.


Long days back then became long naps. I miss the quiet of those long naps. Actually I really, for the most part, enjoy the kids more now that they are older. There is something to talk about, to converse about and the conversations are more alive. I miss hugs from the bubbies where they were little. Or falling asleep on the couch to be awakened by a twin on top of me, having jumped on me off the back of the couch. Teaches you not to fall asleep, to be ever vigilant. Now we have things we can discuss and sometimes we have things to debate. We don’t always agree but arguing and defending your position is an important part of growing up. If you can’t defend your position in a non-emotional argument, your position needs work. Everyone should be able to argue points without emotion. So I try to teach the boys that every day (Jakki as well). Argue the idea presented. Argue the thoughts. Never argue the person.


Family Historian

Memories of Twinsburg Ohio

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