Why do Turkey’s run, and why did their running get a state park in Indiana?


Turkey Run State Park, Indiana. Here is the Bean. She’s had many names over the years. She joined us in November 1992. I can’t imagine the world without her smile, her laugh and her understanding. She is a dog whisperer. There were, as Barb and I were remembering yesterday also color phases. Jakki only wore purple one year. She wore only yellow another year. There were proper colors and of course she remains one of the 5 pickiest eaters the world has ever seen. Funny how a tiny child enters your life and becomes a huge force. You don’t think about the impact of a baby being huge other than the lost time. But the impact of a child goes far beyond the time you spend. The impact of a child is something you treasure. It can be painful when they wander off the path you think they should be on. But it isn’t your job to keep them on the path it is your job to release them into the wild!


Children bring a sense of wonder to your life. But they also bring fear. We almost lost Nick when he was born. Not right away but he was very sick shortly after being born. Jakki was also very sick when she was 2 in both cases we were wrecked. I can’t imagine or even remember how we made it through those two times. I remember sitting in the hospital room with Jakki as they gave her medicine at two in the morning. Those of us who know Jakki know the needle rule (as in keep that damn needle away from me). So it was traumatic. For Nick we split up. Barb stayed at the hospital so he was not alone and I watched Luke, Jakki and Becca. It was the toughest time. Visiting the hospital took coordination and the other two weren’t allowed in for the four days Nick was back in the NICU. It was hard to tell Jakki she couldn’t go in. She was already attached to both of them.


Last Luke, born 10 minutes ahead of Nick. The two of them are amazing. Of course they had an amazing big sister. I see so much of Jakki in the two of them. She was always there for them. From a very early age she told them what to do and they did it. Luke is the more talkative of the two. He has a keen mind and sees the world as an opportunity. He is very good, excellent even in converting thoughts to words when talking. Funny that Nick is better at writing thoughts than Luke. Luke is better at speaking thoughts than Nick. They compliment each other and yet are completely different people. All these pictures taken at Turkey Run State Park in the early 2002 range. Actually probably closer to 2000 or 2001 as the boys are not a lot more than 2 or 3 years old in these pictures. Barb stayed at home while they were little. It was hard on her to be home, but we agreed it was what the kids needed. She gave up so much to help the kids get started. Its why mother’s day is such a big deal in our house.


Family Historian

(I couldn’t resist here is one more with all of the kids)


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