Thanksgiving visit to Tallahassee FL (2004ish)…


We went to see Barb’s parents and her brother in Tallahassee Florida in 2004. That’s Jay with one of the boys on his tractor. Jay and his wife (barb’s brother and sister-in-law) have a horse farm in Florida. It is a very cool place that they have built. I learned a couple of things this week.

1. Pigs like Marshmallows. Why I learned that is a story for another day. That fact that it makes me laugh explains more about me than anything. Labradors also like Marshmallows so I wonder if there is a correlation.

2. Time passes but family is always family.

3. I learned this morning that I cannot spell Tallahassee and I cannot spell Marshmallow. My inability to spell is however, not an unknown issue.


Barb’s parents lived in Bloomington Indiana for many years. They moved to Hot Springs Arkansas after retiring. When I met Barb they had lived in Hot Springs for a few years already. They moved to Tallahassee Florida for a number of reasons in the 2002 time period.They later moved to Franklyn Indiana. Barb’s brother Jay lived in Bloomington Indiana and then moved to Alabama and then Florida. Its interesting when you consider family patterns of moving. Barb and I, like the rest of her family have moved as well. Us first to Cincinnati and then to Maryland. I guess families are bound by interesting details. My sisters have stayed pretty close to Bloomington Indiana but they both moved considerably when they were young (Lynne was born in Chicago). Both of them moved to Thailand and back with the rest of us. That desire to move and see the world changes in you over time.


Jay and Elizabeth had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal prepared for us. The horse farm was actually being built, so they were still giving in the town of Tallahassee. They moved out to the farm early the next year (I think).  Jay has a daughter (Reed) who is a little younger than Jakki. Family is very important. You have to remember and honor your family. Yesterday (Memorial Day) is a day we’ve set aside to remember those who served and gave their lives in the defense of our freedoms. It is also a day to remember those who served, and those who built our nation. Families sometimes need to just stop and remember the parts of the family that made what was and what is to be. Families are a piece of us, a treasured set of memories we cannot let slip away. Every picture we take is a piece of us. Every picture we store is a part of us. But every picture we share with others is a memory.


Family Historian

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