Day 5 the floating market… Bangkok continued…

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Well begun, is half done. We were all staying in one room at the IPST (where dad was working in Bangkok). The air conditioner worked, which was 90% of the battle anyway. The days began like days at home, just with the vestiges of jet lag. The boys and the Bean  Ma Bear and Honey Bear slept with the boys. I am sure Jakki had a stuffed animal as well, I don’t remember which one of her favorites made the trip to Thailand. She had a lot of stuffed animals by then  and the collection continues to grow. She loves stuffed animals.


Our mission that day was the floating market. I remember the market from my childhood and we thought it would be a good memory to leave with the boys and Jakki. It is a magical place, the Thai market. I love going to any of the markets they are simply fun. I remember the Sunday market’s most vividly from when I was a child, watching the kite fighting. Anything for a  dollar (well anything for 20 baht back then). An explosion of noise, smells and things to see.


After a long day wandering Thailand the boys crashed. I have somewhere in the Bangkok folders a better version of this picture (with their foreheads actually touching). But this one is pretty cool. When the boys were born we did one University study (co-bedding) because we felt that twins should stay together for as long as the wanted in the same bed. We were selected for the study and weren’t control group (selling in separate beds) they had to be separate in the NICU units the first two weeks (and later when Nick was sick for another two weeks) but when they were ready they got to sleep in the same bed. We thought it was important. If you offered that option now you would receive a warm No.


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Day 4, the Grand Palace…


Do we really have to be here? As the boys got older we lost the stroller and the leaches but the faces appeared. They were not always the happiest campers when we went places. Even in magical Thailand. I guess it is the reality of DNA. Who knows. Anyway this is the two do we have to faces. The funny thing about them is that they still make these faces as 18 years of age.


Dad had a class to teach on the 4th day so mom was our tour guide. She and I talked and decided to wanted to go visit the grand palace. So we headed off in an IPST bus to see the Grand Palace. The grand palace is no longer a residential place (the King and family don’t live there) it shows the royal homes of the 1800’s. During the US Civil War the King of Thailand offered Abraham Lincoln to war elephants to help in the war.


I think the boys would have liked it more if it had canons. Or more pictures of people dying on the walls. We wandered the palace for an afternoon. The architecture of the palace is traditional Thai with pagoda’s and umbrella’s. The significance of the umbrella’s is the importance of the person that lives in the house. More umbrella’s – more important. My house has –1 umbrella. Smile


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Bangkok, eternal magical city…Day 3


There are two things I remember most about Bangkok,. the first is the architecture. The second is the people and simply the friendly amazing place Thailand is. The people didn’t change in the 30 years between visits, the architecture did however. The city is a lot more western now than it was. There are still the classic Thai places though. The march of time changes all things. Except the wonderful people in Thailand.


Adults do stupid things like have dinners and talk until 10 at night. When you are 4, you don’t worry about that. I am proud of all three of them, they are good travelers. They are great kids. All three have keen minds. And they know the most important lesson in life. When it is time to sleep, sleep if you can. Sometimes when you are an adult you forget that sleep is well, really important.


I, as a teenager didn’t get up early in the morning. I do now. I write my blogs and ponder the wonder of the universe. While in Bangkok I got up early every morning. It is the way my body works now. So I took pictures from and around IPST where we were staying. Every morning dad was up as well. We talked, laughed and got to bond Father to Father. I treasure those early mornings when it was just he and I. They are memories and conversations that will always be with me.

Thinking of Bangkok makes me miss dad. Thailand was magical for him. He was so alive there. Everyone has a magical place in their life.


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Waking up again in Thailand after 30 years…


Day 2 in Bangkok. They don’t wake up quite this cheerful now (they are after all 18 now). I love the smell of Bangkok in the morning as the city wakes up. Every city has a smell, a set of sounds, an identity. I know the sound of DC in the morning is car horns Smile. Bangkok is more tropical birds and the feel of a warm sun on your face. 1972 was a tough year and the best year for me. It was tough leaving everything I knew, behind. It was amazing because I was exposed to the world.


Running through the heart of Bangkok is the Chao Phyla river, the heart of Bangkok. We took the river tour that second day. Dad was enjoying showing us Bangkok. He loved the city with all of his heart. I think Bangkok was as much a part of him as any place he ever lived. He came alive in Thailand. I remember the smile. On this second day we wandered up the river on the tour. It was magical. Until we wandered past a brewery and I realized that beer used water from the Chao Pray.


My BFF. Partner in crime for 25 plus years. What an amazing person. She struggled as a single mom working her way through college. It took her 10 years to finish her degree but she never gave up. She never said this is too hard. Later in life when most people have settled into their wheel ruts she broke out of hers and went back to get her Master’s degree to take on her dream job. Every day she wakes up, every day she smiles at me it makes a difference. So showing her the Bangkok that I loved was a great experience. Barb loved the city, not so much the hot!


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One night in Bangkok…


Bangkok Thailand, the last of the family vacation series (I did them in reverse alphabetical order). So let’s wander the family trip to Bangkok for the next few days. Mom and Dad spent a number of winters (mom never really did like winter) in Thailand after dad’s retirement. They (IPST) invited dad to come back and consult. So they did, missing winters. They decided to have the family come over to see them in June one year (they survived Winter that year). So each family went for a few days to visit. It was magical, my first time back to Thailand since leaving in December 1972.


We got in, of course the kids were full of energy and raring to go. I wasn’t and Barb wasn’t but the kids were. So we ended up heading to the old city. What had been Bangkok many years ago. I won’t put the Thai name for Bangkok in my blog because I can’t spell it and it is very long. Old town has the most amazing Buddha’s and was a great way to get the “party” started for the kids.


Day one ended at the Crocodile farm. Some of the largest crocodiles I’ve ever seen (and Alligators). The kids were fascinated (of course we were sitting far away from the show). Funny how that works. The boys were entranced by large gators and people like the young man in the picture, placing their arms into the gators mouths. Personally it just made me nervous. I don’t recall going to the crocodile farm in 1972, we may have. I do recall going to a snake zoo. Mom wasn’t very happy about it. Particularly when the aquarium holding the king cobra had a crack in the glass from the cobra hitting it.


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I hear the voices but the conversation lags…

The conversation pitched

Leaning to one side

Away and yet

The accousoucity tricks of time and space


And bound the words back again and again

Finding a voice

Within the seat cushions

And bouncing off walls

And becoming one with curtains that

Engulfed with flames


Create die cast shadows

On the wall

Portraying the moments of

What was a private conversation


With all to see

What is

What was


And quiet


But now shared.

Exposed and

Now loudly shared

With everyone

And no one

Because the voices were cupped

The ears bent

And all lost

Never to be heard again.


.Sandler Boggs

Visiting Chicago, October 2000

chicago skyline

Ah Chicago, I was born in Chicago. I am a Chicago Sports fan. I have posted every year that this was the year the Cubbies were going to win the World Series (finally). My favorite teams (the ones I will always root for) are the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and my cubbies. I will (unless they are playing the Cubs) also root for the White Sox but they aren’t one of my all time favorites. We took the kids to Chicago shortly after I transferred (about a year) from Detroit to Chicago for my job. After 9 years in Cincinnati we were back close to family (Greenwood) and Chicago was only a 3 hour drive away (or 6 hours depending on traffic and number of stops for bathrooms etc). It was October 2000. Many things would change over the year that followed this vacation. But this was our first full family trip to Chicago. We did the many museums. Jakki had a school project on dolphins so we added some video of the Dolphins at the Shedd aquarium.


Of course being a trip I have to include a picture of boy in stroller. I wonder why Van Gogh never painted one of these. I seem to have this picture from 1998 to 2002 in virtually every trip we made. We also did the Field Museum (Nick did not like that trip very much). Finally my personal childhood favorite the museum of Science and Industry. As a child that was my let’s go to place in Chicago. I have no idea how many times I dragged my mother there, but it was more than once. My personal favorite was the tour of the U-Boat. Actually I just love the entire museum. So we wandered Chicago. This vacation’s trauma and they all have unique trauma’s was we forgot to pack Honey Bear (Luke’s) and Ma Bear (Nick’s). We ended up at FAO Schwartz convincing the boys that their new stuffed animals would protect them as well as the Bears would. Jakki of course just loved getting another stuffed animal.


We end the journey via my blog facing the opposite way (the first picture from the water in, this picture from the shore out) of the lighthouse at the entrance of the Chicago harbor. The actual commercial harbor for Chicago is much closer to Cicero (South side of Chicago) than where we are. We are near the (just South of in fact) the famous beach Chicago has called the Gold Coast. This lighthouse sits just beyond Navy Pier. Navy Pier in Chicago is also home to the Chicago Children’s Museum. It is a very nice overall museum, not as big nor as magical as the one in Indianapolis, but we’ve many to many in the US (Children’s Museums) and frankly there are few even in the same category as the one in Indianapolis Indiana. Over the years and my many visits to Chicago I have taken more than 100 pictures of this lighthouse and its twin on the Indiana side. I guess I just love lighthouses, water and anything to do with either.


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