A recounting of our Mexican vacation (no sudden veers to the left today).


A few more pictures from our Mexican beach vacation. We (well Barb) loves beach vacations. Not beach on a lake, but beach on the Ocean. This on the Pacific side of Mexico. One of the coolest thing was the pirate ship that fired its canons every night, really a cool experience. Jakki got her hair braided, and we went to a wonderful water park. Every day was a different experience of wandering around, and seeing the many sites. I wonder if tasting wonderful (real) Mexican food is why Lukey loves Mexican food so much. The food was amazing. My favorite thing was table side guacamole! I love it when a restaurant makes the guacamole right at the table right in front of you. I think that is my favorite thing when it comes to food experiences. I don’t know why that is, it just is one of my favorite food experiences.


One of the things that Jakki said to me when Barb was pregnant was that she was going to be the best big sister ever. Kids say things like that all the time. You remember them but you don’t take them seriously. Except that Jakki has accomplished that goal. The boys adore her. To this day they will do virtually anything she asks them to do. They also know they can always go to her and ask questions, seek council and have a great friend. Jakki is without a doubt the best big sister ever for the boys. At least for what they need. Twins are different so its hard to figure out what is a twin need and what is a little boy need. My experiences are muddled at best. This, the three of them in Mexico. Of course, we can’t take a picture without glamming for the camera. I am not sure why that started but I know who started it (Jakki) and it spread to the girls (Courtney, Megan) and then the boys.


So beautiful. They had bar service at the pool so I was in heaven. One afternoon Barb took the boys somewhere, Jakki wanted to swim so I relaxed with beer and a cigar. When Barb got back she asked Jakki “what did you do?” Jakki said “I swam.” Barb looked at her and said “what did dad do?” Jakki smiled and said “he drank beer and smoked a cigar.” She then proceeded to tell Barb every time I had a corona on the rest of that trip and how many I had. Every single time. What a rotten kid. It was actually, like Nick’s apple a running family joke for a long time (how many beers did dad have). I don’t often drink beer, once or twice a month at the most. So of course Jakki made it into a big deal. The image on the bottom was the sun setting into the Pacific ocean. Truly a beautiful shot, so I suspect Jakki probably took it.


Family Historian

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