Honey Bear’s extra vacation and wandering the Dunes of Indiana.


Indiana is a land locked state, except on the very northern edge where the last glaciers as they retreated carved out a massive lake we call lake Michigan. Along the coast of that massive lake in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan are huge sand dunes. We went to the Indiana dunes quite a few times over the years. An interesting place set amidst the corn fields and limestone quarries. (Indiana is a lot more than that, but it is what the perception is sometimes of the state from outside in). The first time I went Mom and Dad took my sisters and I. I remember racing down the big sand dune. They have, because of the ecological impact of humans closed off more of the park now than when I was little.


This trip was Barb and the kids. I was working in Chicago at the time. I couldn’t get away to hang out with them so they had a blast without me. This trip is however, infamous in family history. There was, once a trip to Chicago where the boys forgot their bears. We ended up going to FAO Schwartz and getting them new stuffed animals. This particular trip Ma Bear (Nick) and Honey Bear (Luke) made it safely to the Dunes. They enjoyed their stay in the hotel. On the way back to Greenwood however, Honey Bear took a side trip to Chuckie Cheese. Actually they all took a side trip to Chuckie Cheese in Merrillville Indiana. Honey Bear (Luke’s) stayed. Barb and the kids had driven home on Wednesday. Luke was devastated that Honey Bear was lost. They didn’t find out about it until they got back home so going back to get Honey Bear was a 3 hour trip and not going to happen. Luckily I was coming home on Friday. Barb called Chuckie Cheese’s and they had found the bear, being a kids focused restaurant recognized the love (some would call it wear and tear) and saved it. I picked it up on the way home from Chicago on Friday and it was returned to its rightful place.

27_24ASuch a magical place. Not an easy place to choose for wander Indiana (not as much non-scientific material and glaciers aren’t really jaw dropping and eye catching. At least not glaciers that built something 10,000 or more years ago.) So the Dunes were never a wander Indiana project. Hard to talk about a huge wall of Ice as much as 20 or more feet tall that moves about an inch a year. “really dad, does it do anything else?” “Well son eventually it will melt. As it melts it will form the hills that are Southern Indiana. It will do that by scraping Northern Indiana completely flat (not really, its a joke).” You get the idea. A hard sell for a kid they would have to put a lot of effort into that report.


Family Historian

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