The soft launch of Labs Lair!


On father’s day a break from Disneyworld to post about stuff I want to post about! We have in our 25 years had boats in three states and have bought almost as many boats (3) as houses (4). With the purchase of this boat we also got a professional crew. Admiral Raven and Captain Dylan serve as the masters of the ship. The Admiral/Captain decision came down to who was taller, Raven won by a good three inches. So far they are adjusting (Raven and Dylan) to their new life. They truly love the 1.3 hour car-car ride to the boat. Oh yeah and the restaurant at the marina. They like the restaurant a lot. Interesting story about the back portal. My sister Barbara and her husband Dana, and daughter Courtney were visiting over memorial day weekend. We (me) decided to let air flow through the boat so I removed the rear portal.


It was snugly attached so I pushed a little, except instead of coming inwards it went outwards. So, it slipped out of my grasp bounced once on the swim platform and then promptly sand into the murky water of the marina. I jumped into the water to see if I could find it, I could not. I did learn a valuable lesson bout Fitbit (they are not water resistant, water proof or water anything). The marina team said they would see if in fact they could find a replacement. After a week they found out it would have to be custom made to fit the porthole. I.e. quite a bit of money, so they sent a diver over. He found the portal and they cleaned it. Then the marina added a Lanyard to the portal to prevent idiot removal (I.e. me). So we are back. This second image is from the Bow of Labs Lair, looking out over the rest of the Marina.


We are waiting for one more piece to be installed to be fully operational (the new AIS system). Here is the crew enjoying lunch from the café. Well the human’s are. Raven is often concerned that the humans aren’t good at sharing. She, like Barb, has a philosophy of sharing (one for you, one for me, second one for you, two for me, third one for you, three for me) at the end of the Ravenization of food, there is little to any food left. Dylan is wondering what I am doing. Our grand-dog Tamsyn came along for the afternoon. It made for a great-prefather’s day on the boat. The fun part about where we choose to be is that we are a short distance from Annapolis, we are a short distance from the Chesapeake Bay and most important we are a short distance from my new favorite spectator sport.Watching traffic crawl across the Bay bridge. Now I wonder, because we have a boat in Annapolis do I have to start rooting for the Navel Academy?

Happy Father’s day to all!


Family Historian

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