Back to Disney (Day 6) and congratulations to Cleveland!


My shoulder hurts remembering all the stuff we had to carry. We went on the shorter of the two cruise options but were already by this, the second day of the cruise happily relaxing and adjusting. I like being on the water, there is a natural energy you get from the water I don’t get other places. But back in the day when the boys were little, we were constantly carrying the heavy load. This is Barb and one of the boys my guess is Luke based on color of outfit. The ship docked twice, the second docking was at Disney’s Castaway Cay, the island they own. I have to say their island is one of the nicest relaxation places to go to. I am sure you can helicopter or fly small planes to the island but the majority of visitors come on the Disney Cruise ships (they have two or more now).


As we did in Hawaii last summer, there were the expeditions once the ship touched ground. We would head off to find exciting new things and places. We were bound by how far, and how many places we could push the stroller into. Not, that I am in any way equating the penalty placed on people in wheelchairs, that is far worse. But the world isn’t really made for those in wheels. It is, far worse for those in wheelchairs than those pushing strollers, but I remember those days. Uneven sidewalks are terrible. The effort to push a stroller over uneven pavement is tough, without jarring sleeping kids even harder. I can’t imagine how hard it is for people in wheelchairs. I guess the lesson there is someone always has a worse situation than you do.


Captain Mickey! I grew up on Disney movies. If you asked me at age 15 what my favorite movie was it would probably have been the Apple Dumpling Gang. The shakiest gun in the West would be a close second. But the rest of the top five were Disney movies (Apple Dumpling Gang is a Disney movie, but had Bill Bixby one of my personal favorite actors in it). The rest of my top ten would all be Herbie the Love Bug (until the modern one, which destroy the franchise some movies Don’t Need to be REMADE!). My sister Lynne and I used to go to the 1.25 Saturday Matinee (if you had 5 bottle caps you got in at the cheap price. Dad used to collect bottle caps for us at work). We would watch all the current kids movies. It gave mom a Saturday off. Thanks Disney!

Congrats to Cleveland! Truly a wonderful game and a miraculous come from behind series win. LeBron James is the best player in basketball, period! I root for specific teams regardless of their record (Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls) but I also root for great players regardless of where they play. Peyton Manning is the most amazing quarterback I’ve ever seen. So I’ve been a Broncos fan the last few years. I also root for LeBron James because his talent elevates those around him. So Congrats LeBron, you play like a champion and now you are one again!


Family Historian

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