The Nick face and the encounter…


We never had “a boys face” there was always a Nick face (see there in the picture) and a Luke face (not shown). The two were distinct and very different. But as people they are distinct and very different. It seems strange to me somehow we are heading into the summer of their Senior Years in high school. I remember my senior year. Many things have changed since then but I remember it. This is Nick, chilling on the little porch/deck we had on the Disney Magic. This was the morning we were docking at Castaway Cay so we were moving kind of slow. Jakki was already with the adventure crew below ready to head to the dinosaur dig. The dinosaur dig was the beach activity planned by the kids group. Barb and I were moving a little slower with the boys.


At this point Nick is still terrified of the large Disney characters but we had to snap a picture with Mickey. You can’t go to the magic kingdom and not take a picture with the head mouse. It was on this day in family lore that a strange event occurred that is and remains unexplained. Nick and Luke both claim that in fact it is because of the nature of the characters being large anthropomorphic animals, and Nick not liking that. But that is for the next picture today. The Cay, Castaway is a well constructed fun island 99% beach with the rest intentionally abandoned construction equipment making it look like it was a castaway island. There were a number of tropical outbuildings on the island. The major structure was the ships docking bay.


Then, as we were reboard the Disney Magic, Nick spied Captain Hook. The boy who had been terrified of every single character suddenly explains with glee runs over and hugs the captain. The one villain we see in 7 days at this point is the one character Nick loves, remembers and wants to be near. The boys say its because he was the most human looking of all the characters. I don’t know. I think Nick likes underdogs. Captain Hook always loses to Peter Pan. I think Nick identifies with the struggle and fight, the desire to win on occasion. Anyway, he wasn’t scared of the characters after this. Our last night at sea we went to a show and Nick didn’t cover his eyes or try to bury himself in his seat. I guess sometimes we all have to have a Captain Hook to free us from our fears.


Family Historian

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