Visiting Chicago, October 2000

chicago skyline

Ah Chicago, I was born in Chicago. I am a Chicago Sports fan. I have posted every year that this was the year the Cubbies were going to win the World Series (finally). My favorite teams (the ones I will always root for) are the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and my cubbies. I will (unless they are playing the Cubs) also root for the White Sox but they aren’t one of my all time favorites. We took the kids to Chicago shortly after I transferred (about a year) from Detroit to Chicago for my job. After 9 years in Cincinnati we were back close to family (Greenwood) and Chicago was only a 3 hour drive away (or 6 hours depending on traffic and number of stops for bathrooms etc). It was October 2000. Many things would change over the year that followed this vacation. But this was our first full family trip to Chicago. We did the many museums. Jakki had a school project on dolphins so we added some video of the Dolphins at the Shedd aquarium.


Of course being a trip I have to include a picture of boy in stroller. I wonder why Van Gogh never painted one of these. I seem to have this picture from 1998 to 2002 in virtually every trip we made. We also did the Field Museum (Nick did not like that trip very much). Finally my personal childhood favorite the museum of Science and Industry. As a child that was my let’s go to place in Chicago. I have no idea how many times I dragged my mother there, but it was more than once. My personal favorite was the tour of the U-Boat. Actually I just love the entire museum. So we wandered Chicago. This vacation’s trauma and they all have unique trauma’s was we forgot to pack Honey Bear (Luke’s) and Ma Bear (Nick’s). We ended up at FAO Schwartz convincing the boys that their new stuffed animals would protect them as well as the Bears would. Jakki of course just loved getting another stuffed animal.


We end the journey via my blog facing the opposite way (the first picture from the water in, this picture from the shore out) of the lighthouse at the entrance of the Chicago harbor. The actual commercial harbor for Chicago is much closer to Cicero (South side of Chicago) than where we are. We are near the (just South of in fact) the famous beach Chicago has called the Gold Coast. This lighthouse sits just beyond Navy Pier. Navy Pier in Chicago is also home to the Chicago Children’s Museum. It is a very nice overall museum, not as big nor as magical as the one in Indianapolis, but we’ve many to many in the US (Children’s Museums) and frankly there are few even in the same category as the one in Indianapolis Indiana. Over the years and my many visits to Chicago I have taken more than 100 pictures of this lighthouse and its twin on the Indiana side. I guess I just love lighthouses, water and anything to do with either.


Family Historian

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