One night in Bangkok…


Bangkok Thailand, the last of the family vacation series (I did them in reverse alphabetical order). So let’s wander the family trip to Bangkok for the next few days. Mom and Dad spent a number of winters (mom never really did like winter) in Thailand after dad’s retirement. They (IPST) invited dad to come back and consult. So they did, missing winters. They decided to have the family come over to see them in June one year (they survived Winter that year). So each family went for a few days to visit. It was magical, my first time back to Thailand since leaving in December 1972.


We got in, of course the kids were full of energy and raring to go. I wasn’t and Barb wasn’t but the kids were. So we ended up heading to the old city. What had been Bangkok many years ago. I won’t put the Thai name for Bangkok in my blog because I can’t spell it and it is very long. Old town has the most amazing Buddha’s and was a great way to get the “party” started for the kids.


Day one ended at the Crocodile farm. Some of the largest crocodiles I’ve ever seen (and Alligators). The kids were fascinated (of course we were sitting far away from the show). Funny how that works. The boys were entranced by large gators and people like the young man in the picture, placing their arms into the gators mouths. Personally it just made me nervous. I don’t recall going to the crocodile farm in 1972, we may have. I do recall going to a snake zoo. Mom wasn’t very happy about it. Particularly when the aquarium holding the king cobra had a crack in the glass from the cobra hitting it.


family historian

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