Waking up again in Thailand after 30 years…


Day 2 in Bangkok. They don’t wake up quite this cheerful now (they are after all 18 now). I love the smell of Bangkok in the morning as the city wakes up. Every city has a smell, a set of sounds, an identity. I know the sound of DC in the morning is car horns Smile. Bangkok is more tropical birds and the feel of a warm sun on your face. 1972 was a tough year and the best year for me. It was tough leaving everything I knew, behind. It was amazing because I was exposed to the world.


Running through the heart of Bangkok is the Chao Phyla river, the heart of Bangkok. We took the river tour that second day. Dad was enjoying showing us Bangkok. He loved the city with all of his heart. I think Bangkok was as much a part of him as any place he ever lived. He came alive in Thailand. I remember the smile. On this second day we wandered up the river on the tour. It was magical. Until we wandered past a brewery and I realized that beer used water from the Chao Pray.


My BFF. Partner in crime for 25 plus years. What an amazing person. She struggled as a single mom working her way through college. It took her 10 years to finish her degree but she never gave up. She never said this is too hard. Later in life when most people have settled into their wheel ruts she broke out of hers and went back to get her Master’s degree to take on her dream job. Every day she wakes up, every day she smiles at me it makes a difference. So showing her the Bangkok that I loved was a great experience. Barb loved the city, not so much the hot!


Family Historian

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