Bangkok, eternal magical city…Day 3


There are two things I remember most about Bangkok,. the first is the architecture. The second is the people and simply the friendly amazing place Thailand is. The people didn’t change in the 30 years between visits, the architecture did however. The city is a lot more western now than it was. There are still the classic Thai places though. The march of time changes all things. Except the wonderful people in Thailand.


Adults do stupid things like have dinners and talk until 10 at night. When you are 4, you don’t worry about that. I am proud of all three of them, they are good travelers. They are great kids. All three have keen minds. And they know the most important lesson in life. When it is time to sleep, sleep if you can. Sometimes when you are an adult you forget that sleep is well, really important.


I, as a teenager didn’t get up early in the morning. I do now. I write my blogs and ponder the wonder of the universe. While in Bangkok I got up early every morning. It is the way my body works now. So I took pictures from and around IPST where we were staying. Every morning dad was up as well. We talked, laughed and got to bond Father to Father. I treasure those early mornings when it was just he and I. They are memories and conversations that will always be with me.

Thinking of Bangkok makes me miss dad. Thailand was magical for him. He was so alive there. Everyone has a magical place in their life.


Family Historian

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