Day 4, the Grand Palace…


Do we really have to be here? As the boys got older we lost the stroller and the leaches but the faces appeared. They were not always the happiest campers when we went places. Even in magical Thailand. I guess it is the reality of DNA. Who knows. Anyway this is the two do we have to faces. The funny thing about them is that they still make these faces as 18 years of age.


Dad had a class to teach on the 4th day so mom was our tour guide. She and I talked and decided to wanted to go visit the grand palace. So we headed off in an IPST bus to see the Grand Palace. The grand palace is no longer a residential place (the King and family don’t live there) it shows the royal homes of the 1800’s. During the US Civil War the King of Thailand offered Abraham Lincoln to war elephants to help in the war.


I think the boys would have liked it more if it had canons. Or more pictures of people dying on the walls. We wandered the palace for an afternoon. The architecture of the palace is traditional Thai with pagoda’s and umbrella’s. The significance of the umbrella’s is the importance of the person that lives in the house. More umbrella’s – more important. My house has –1 umbrella. Smile


Family Historian

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