Day 5 the floating market… Bangkok continued…

DSC02372 - Copy

Well begun, is half done. We were all staying in one room at the IPST (where dad was working in Bangkok). The air conditioner worked, which was 90% of the battle anyway. The days began like days at home, just with the vestiges of jet lag. The boys and the Bean  Ma Bear and Honey Bear slept with the boys. I am sure Jakki had a stuffed animal as well, I don’t remember which one of her favorites made the trip to Thailand. She had a lot of stuffed animals by then  and the collection continues to grow. She loves stuffed animals.


Our mission that day was the floating market. I remember the market from my childhood and we thought it would be a good memory to leave with the boys and Jakki. It is a magical place, the Thai market. I love going to any of the markets they are simply fun. I remember the Sunday market’s most vividly from when I was a child, watching the kite fighting. Anything for a  dollar (well anything for 20 baht back then). An explosion of noise, smells and things to see.


After a long day wandering Thailand the boys crashed. I have somewhere in the Bangkok folders a better version of this picture (with their foreheads actually touching). But this one is pretty cool. When the boys were born we did one University study (co-bedding) because we felt that twins should stay together for as long as the wanted in the same bed. We were selected for the study and weren’t control group (selling in separate beds) they had to be separate in the NICU units the first two weeks (and later when Nick was sick for another two weeks) but when they were ready they got to sleep in the same bed. We thought it was important. If you offered that option now you would receive a warm No.


Family Historian

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