Day 6, an iconic image and lost conversations…

 DSC02449I showed a variation of this picture yesterday taken the next day. This is our iconic picture of the boys asleep in Thailand. Their two heads

touching gently. Sleeping quietly. It took me two tries but I finally got this picture. It is my personal favorite picture of the boys. I’ve shared this one several times over the years (its been 10 years since we went to Thailand). This is the one picture I always show people when they ask what my favorite memory of boys looked like. I always tell the person this image is my favorite of the boys when they were little. They aren’t little anymore. I have many more happy memories but this one is the one I always think about when I am remembering both the trip and the little boys.


From the balcony of the IPST building early in the morning. Another conversation with dad. If I knew then what I know now, I would have memorized every word of those early morning conversations. I would have hung on every word and wrapped them in saran wrap so they would stay fresh and new forever. Sadly I didn’t know then what I know now, so those conversations while critical are forgotten. So many conversations forgotten over the eras because there will always be another conversation. But sometimes the last conversation you have, is the last conversation you will ever have.


Dinner with friends in Bangkok. We had a delightful dinner at a wonderful restaurant. It was late enough that the kids curled up on the floor and went to sleep. They were amazingly resilient on that trip. They slept when they needed to and were really good. They could have made the trip so much harder. Instead they joined in and made the entire experience better for everyone! Hence my loving that first picture, the image of the boys peacefully sleeping.  Vacations are wonderful for all the experiences you have. They are also wonderful for looking back at and remembering. Sharing the moments that meant something to all the members of the family that were there. Do you remember? Do you recall? Having the memories out there is a huge part of family history. Start writing them down! The more that are shared now, are the ones that won’t be lost in the end. Conversations not shared with others end up lost in the mists of time.


family historian

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