Finishing up day one with dinner


Barb and my posse in Europe. Still day one pulling out into the North Sea from Copenhagen. Barb and I have wanted to take the kids to Europe for many years. For what-ever reason we put it off time and ageing. This time we did it. I am so proud of the three of them. They are mature, kind and caring people. They see the injustice in the world and they call it out. It was so much fun to get them out into the world again. We’ve had the chance (thanks to my parents) to see Thailand. Now we’ve had a chance to see Northern Europe. It opened the doors to many wonderful memories. But the most precious for me is traveling with my family. I traveled for work for many years (over a million miles on United) and none of those miles equaled the miles flown with my family over the past two weeks.


Costa does an amazing job with the food. Every night we spent on the ship the food was simply amazing. Our wait team (you get the same team for the trip) was simply beyond compare. The three courses of food were simply outstanding each night. I love Nick’s comment, I wish I knew what I was eating, more often. But unlike years ago when meals were often traumatic we only had one bad meal (Jakki still hates food with faces). Other than that one night we enjoyed the food immensely. What a great experience winding down day one with a fabulous dinner. The view from our restaurant (in the stern of the boat) was gorgeous. We watched as Denmark faded in the distance. We Andersen’s, in the land where they spelled our name right every time without even asking, we Vikings of old headed off on our ocean expedition to see the world.


The main gallery of the ship. Beautiful main area with shops and towards the far wall the main theater. The main floor (3) of this area was the lobby bar. On the floor one below where this picture was taken was the picture area. Funny, the only place on the boat I really never took a picture of was the picture area. Not sure why, I guess the irony of that was lost on me. My favorite all time picture to take is of someone taking a picture. So I guess the end game of someone having taken a picture was more irony than even I could handle. As the first day rolled to a close we headed down to our cabins and headed off to sleep. We had traveled from Friday night (Baltimore) to Saturday afternoon (Copenhagen) to mid-afternoon (Costa Fabulosa (sp)) to the North Sea. Our arms were tired from flying.


Family Historian

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