Still lost in a Fjord of Norway (majestic).


She is still beautiful. So is the Fjord. Barb loved the view from on top the cruise ship as we wandered in and out of the Fjord. It seems funny when you think about it, but it was something that was exciting for Barb. She wasn’t a huge fan of the second cruise we took. The more recent cruises were more to what she likes so she is back in let’s cruise mode. After 25 years of marriage it isn’t the single moments anymore, its the conversations that started 10 years ago and continue, wandering in and out of your daily life with conversations that continue for years and years. Anyway here a picture of Barb looking out over the Fjord to the far shore. The ship was moored at the time (moored, connected to something connected to the ground. Anchored, when you drop anchor and are only connected to the anchor nothing else).


Geringer Norway, it could have been Cambridge Wisconsin or any other small town, blink and Geringer was in the rear view mirror. It was a collection of tourist shops and quite a large camp ground. I doubt the campers wandered over to the three tourist shops there for the cruise ship money. We did experience more of the “real” Norway in other ports. This was a traditional tourist stop. But the majesty of the Fjord made it so beautiful you didn’t care. It was not the Norway my Danish ancestors used to routinely invade. That Norway has faded into the past of history. We did get our trolls in the shop though. And the boys and I found a beautiful Viking long sword. We just didn’t see a way to effectively transport it home without having to discuss it with every custom’s officer between Norway and the US (twice).



It would have been nice to bring those home. Smile Again the conversation with customs officers would have been a little uncomfortable so we left them there on the wall in Norway. But it would have looked nice on the wall of our basement. In the man cave. It would have never made it out of the basement to the main level of the house. Barb has a rule that I can decorate the basement anyway I want. Before Jakki moved out she would help me with the basement design and decoration a lot. Barb offers opines but not things that are often considered. She wants to remove clutter. Frankly collectible clutter is half the fun. Its funny when you kidSleeping half-moons first move out. You miss them. You are proud of them and happy they are launching but you miss them. There is a little more quiet in the house than before.

One more blog of Geringer pictures and we are off to our next port of call.


Family Historian

Viking – sans sword.

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