Get into my belly. My apologies for using the line from Austin Powers…




This door (Kristensand Norway) was for of all places, a Sushi restaurant. If it hadn’t been 9:30 am local time (and the place wasn’t open, other than the outer door opening) we would have been in there enjoying Sushi. All of us (Barb tolerates Sushi) love Sushi. Like my father before me I didn’t learn the lesson of if your kids don’t like something you think they might later like, have them try it again. Many years ago dad did that to me with steak. I made the same mistake with Jakki, and then with all three of them with Sushi. Oh well. I guess things don’t go from one generation to the next always. Anyway all three pictures are of the door to the restaurant in various stages of open and closed. I know it shouldn’t have caught my eye. Frankly I could have walked by. But then again I couldn’t. My guess is many patrons walk into the belly of the fish and then walk out with a belly full of fish. So I had to take the pictures.


The shopping district was actually closed off to cars so you could wander safely. I love the old cobblestone roads. They were a little slick with the rain but so cool. We wandered up and down the street seeing what could be seen. Stopping only in the GameStop that I’ve mentioned before. Once we turned the corner we did find a pet store. We went into the pet store looking for something we could take back for the Mighty D and her majesty Queen Raven. We didn’t find anything uniquely Norwegian for them in the store so we ended up waiting until later in the day. We finally found a sealed collection of various meats that we took home for them. Reindeer, Moose and Whale meat. I can honestly say that Bear (Dylan’s nickname, short for Pooh bear because he is so mellow and sweet) and Raven loved the meat most of all. We also brought them a stuffed Reindeer from Norway. Raven caries that around when she is not comfortable it is her baby.


As we wandered back towards the boat (we walked from the art museum to the fish market and then the ship) I found this sign. I would love to say more but well I don’t have anything. I just saw the sign. giggled like a 5 year old and took the picture. I am quite sure that Dolly’s Simples are amazing. But naming an entire store for them is a little overkill. We stopped for Ice Cream just before we crossed the pride back over the river and into the harbor area. The entire area where the cruise shipped moored was actually new. It was quite easy to get in and out of as a walker, riding the trolley or for those who took tours via bus. The inner harbor (pleasure craft) was clear on the other side of the Peninsula from the larger commercial harbor ships. At the end of the 109A5450area where we were moored there was a mine shaft. Unexpected so I captured that moment. Today is a heavy pictures day because of the Sushi restaurant and now the additional mine.

Dolly, I am sure, would approve of sharing all the pictures.


Family Historian with a bad sense of humor

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