From sea to land to LEGOLAND!


We left Kristensand (and Norway) in the wake of the boat. This is the first images of Day 5. As is my tradition I got up every morning between 4 and 6 am local time. This particular day it was 4 am. There was no coffee on the boat until 630 so the early hours and the early blogs were hard a couple of the really early days. We were on our way to Denmark and the tug below was there to help us guide into port. You don’t move a big boat like this easily. Even with the bow jet’s it doesn’t turn fast. So the tug is there to gentle nudge the beast into its slip. We didn’t in the first five days have a single rough sea day. That made the journey a little easier for Nick and Jakki. They both get horribly sea sick. Jakki was wearing the sea sick bands and said they helped a lot. Nick said the calmer seas made it easier for him with only Dramamine.  After all my years of traveling I can honestly say, going to places I love with my family is so much more fun. Travel at the time was interesting, travel at the moment with my family is amazing.


We were now disembarking on the other side of Denmark from Copenhagen. Our first official guided and managed expedition. We had, in Norway used the self-guided tours. But this one we would be hoping on a bus and heading to the original, the first, LEGOLAND! Jakki had announced the day before that she had always wanted to go to LEGOLAND. I guess I didn’t listen well. Now we were boarding a bus to go to the original LEGOLAND. I had the opportunity once to go to the interactive Lego build display in Amsterdam (Madurodam) and had loved it. I was really looking forward to spending a day in the land of Lego’s. SO off the ship (here) and wander to the buses. We had our stickers on telling us which bus to ride. We cameras and we were ready for a day of wandering and fun. The bus ride through the Danish country side was nice. I am always reminded that green space is green space. People came from Europe to America and well looking for commonalities. So when you drive the European countryside you realize that America looks a lot like Europe. There aren’t a massive number of differences.


Just inside the park. Lego tourist. He didn’t say much, but I loved his shies. I guess, since I didn’t see a way for him to take them off that he also wore those sun glasses at night. It also answers the age old question what can you build with Lego’s? Anything. We arrived a little after 10 am that morning and started off into the park. The kids were leading the way. Actually Jakki was the map keeper for most of the trip. She had successfully led us through three Norwegian Cities and was now leading us through LEGOLAND. The opening of LEGOLAND looks no different than Disneyworld, King’s Island, King’s Dominion or for that matter any of the 10 or so other amusement parks I’ve been to over the years. You have a gate where you share your tickets and then an open area where you can buy hats, souvenirs and stuff with the park theme. Yes, as is my vacation tradition I bought a hat. I buy them, and then wear them on the walks the boys, Labs and I take everyday. LEGOLAND is now in that rotation!


Family Historian

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