My wife is a mosaics addict. And more LEGOLAND Denmark!


A mosaic (Barb of course took this picture) with Lego’s on the way to the restaurant. The restaurant we choose was a buffet in the hotel connected to LEGOLAND. So we got our hands stamped climbed the stairs (some rode the elevator). Then walked across the connector between the hotel and the park and then into the hotel. Then across the lobby to the restaurant. All of that effort for an average (and very expensive) lunch. I guess at this point we were spoiled by the excellent food on the boat so having an average meal was a downer. Service was horrible we waited for 15 minutes for water, and then it was nearly a 1/2 hour before we saw our server again. Oh well. I guess you have to take the bad with the good to make everything into an experience. We went to lunch early so that was a good deal. Right at 12 noon. Most of the folks in the park seemed to hit lunch around 1 pm so we were in and out fast. If only the service had been a little better. Well that and if only the food had been a little better. Still, Jakki and I were the ones that really wanted to go to the restaurant and sit down so in the end it was what it was. The mosaic however was quite lovely. Barb likes to take the occasional picture. To date I’ve shared a few of the ones she took. I guarantee if you place a mosaic somewhere in our path, we had a picture of it.

In our 13 days in Europe Barb took around 200 pictures. More than 20 are of mosaics. I am just saying…


Another Barb original.

This one is from the main area of the hotel (long corridor leading to the hotel’s front desk). I suspect, given the cost of the lunch we ate that the hotel was very expensive.

We didn’t see room quality or anything other than the corridor, bathrooms, lobby and the restaurant. The windows of the restaurant were floor to ceiling and the entire back wall was windows. So you did have a nice view as you were eating. I am glad I didn’t order a special coffee, we would probably still be there, waiting for it.

That isn’t fair, we would have gotten it within 30/45 minutes max. It just would have cost an arm and a leg.


Star Wars! I am in awe of the people that put all these models together. When I was a kid I had Lego’s. I wasn’t into them all that much but back in the day you could build a few things. I had a Lego competitors castle kit that I got on my way to Bangkok. I’ve looked for that castle kit every time I’ve gone to Europe, it was so fun. Draw bridge that worked, various ladder repelling devices you could add. Flexible in that you could build the castle four or five ways. It was also about 240 pieces. Not the more than 4000 in the Lego Castle. Larger blocks so those of us without fine motor control could easily install and play with it. People that can work on this scale with that many parts amaze me.  Each display was simply breathtaking. The recreations of the various cities were amazing. Not as large as Madurodam but just amazing. Painstakingly placed blocks that took hours upon hours to do. I don’t think I have the patience to do that. Plus, the Legos I used to play with built houses, (often unique in that I didn’t follow directions).


Family Historian LEGOLAND fan

2 thoughts on “My wife is a mosaics addict. And more LEGOLAND Denmark!

    1. Sadly your addiction is a solo one. The rest of your family is addicted to Star Wars. To quote your father-in-law if 75% of people (or in this case 80%) have an abnormal overbite, than AN OVERBITE IS NORMAL.Based on transitive logic, so is loving Star Wars.

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