More on Lunch, and a picture for my father. (a the first of many postcards for Barb)…


Another lunch conversation. We had a number of them, moments where we could stop and reflect on what had happened that day. This one in the Panorama Restaurant, LEGOLAND. Also between the occasional appearances of our server. By occasional I mean 4, One to seat us. One to get our order for water. The 3rd time when we called her over because we needed more water (you drink a lot of water when you are walking all day) and then suddenly with the check. I understand why people in Europe don’t tip like we do in the states. I described the floor to ceiling windows in the restaurant yesterday, over Jakki’s left shoulder (and Barb’s right) is the pool area. It was quite beautiful. There were Lego figures back in the restaurant but none were near the pool area. There was a party with kids behind us. Just over the wall (we were on the lowest level of the restaurant) was a group of tourists enjoying their lunch as well. The atmosphere was nice.


I took this one for my dad. He was the person I watched everything NASA and everything IU Basketball with. He and I would argue and disagree on many things but never NASA and IUBB. We were a united front on those two. Dad was involved as a regional coordinator of the various NASA education programs. The recreation of the Kennedy Space Flight Center in LEGOs was simply amazing. The detail and care taken in the construction of the facility was amazing. Dad took us to see it many years ago (back when it was Cape Canaveral). I will never forget as long as I breathe the joy of sitting with my father at 2 in the morning as Neil Armstrong made a slight jump and pushed away from the ladder of The Eagle. Gentle landing on the dusty surface of the moon. “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” Dad and I were transfixed. In the family room of our house in Sherwood Oaks. July 1969, it wasn’t the first NASA viewing data and I had made. It wasn’t the last.  I still pay attention to what NASA is doing today. Not only because I love the idea of space exploration but to honor my father.


Barb wanted her own picture postcard images of Amsterdam. Her family is from Holland originally. (sad story won’t go further). So she wanted to have the picture postcard picture. Here is the first, although in Denmark, and made of LEGO’s. Well you get the idea. There are many 100 picture postcard images of Amsterdam to come. The recreations that had to take weeks or months to create were amazing. Down to the roofs, the houses that lean in towards the street. The cobble stones of the streets themselves. Each detail making the image that much closer to the real thing. You can’t tell at a distance (although looking that the original image take by the camera, you can zoom in and tell). I think my favorite part of the park overall had to be the recreated cities. Amsterdam and its airport, Copenhagen and its port. I have traveled to both those cities. I love both of those cities. They are easy to get around in and offer fantastic food choices. Without a doubt two of my all time favorite cities. Seeing them here, from above was just amazing.


Wandering LEGOLAND

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