Traveling down the muddy river…


Taking a break from Europe today to share images of our trip via boat yesterday. It wasn’t far, just around the bay bridge area of the Annapolis harbors/river area. But it was a blast! Dylan and Raven weren’t happy at first being in Lab’s Lair and on the water. But once Dylan got to come upstairs and sit with the adults he was fine. Raven came up, looked around and then she was fine as well. I started out geeking on the new Radar/GPS system (they work together or separately) as well as the new depth chart system. It is a really cool single screen from Raymarine. That took 20 minutes but everyone knows I am a super geek. I need to read more about the capabilities of the system. We headed out of the marina, pulling into the fairway and then cruising down the river. The traffic was light, and we had a slight breeze from the southeast. It got to be a stiffer breeze once we got out and away from the buildings near the marina (and the hills. The marina is nestled next to the creek, which is at the bottom of a hill).


We have a sailboat there on the right side of the picture. In the distance we have the Bay Bridge. Having sat on the bridge on a Saturday or a Sunday for an hour (or more) end to end, it was wonderful to see the bridge from the water side. I must say it is a lot calmer on the water side than it is when you are stuck in traffic. Things just seem different on the water side. There is less to rush, less to worry and more to see. Boating is not like driving. Where with a car you are mostly concerned with directly ahead, directly behind and sometimes you worry about drivers and passenger side issues with a boat you are always watching 360 degrees. Jakki and Barb both took turns at the helm, they both did really well. They both kept us heading into the wind, and as much as possible out of the rolling chop. Like I said they both did really well. Dylan had come on top by the time this sailboat was seen there in the distance he was quite happy to look out of the window and being an adult.


It was really cool wandering by the four other Marina’s on the same creek as us. Along the way we pass the various channel markets. Each of the channel markers (ok just the two I looked at closely I didn’t see Osprey’s on all of them because I didn’t look) had Osprey nests on them. I had never seen an Osprey in the wild before. So of course, like my father I bounced a little as I took a picture. The picture didn’t turn out, due tot he bouncing. But unlike my father and Bald Eagle pictures in a canoe, I did not because of my bouncing nearly flip the boat. Our boat is a little bigger so one bouncing Scott doesn’t risk the canoe flipping. Still, homage to my dad, he taught me well. I see cool things like that and I have to take a picture. I am my father’s son. Had a blast, got out, saw a little of the world. Did not go anywhere near Ego Alley (that’s what locals call the section of the river where really big boats go and parade themselves around Annapolis). But we are slowly learning. Getting better and more confident.


Boating Fan!

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