An amazing day in Copenhagen and my quest, complete.


In my previous life of travel I visited many cities. I have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangkok, Amsterdam, London, Dublin but without a doubt (and I’ve been to many more than that) Copenhagen remains one of my favorite cities. This time though I was on a quest. Jakki asked the front desk of the hotel for a good place for us to go for lunch. She was told about a collection of food trucks that were in an old warehouse in the commercial side of the port. It sounded interesting. So we hopped on the metro and wandered our way to the city center (we stayed out by the airport while in Copenhagen). There was a second quest as well for the day, but for now we were in search of the collection of food trucks. We wandered in the direction we were told (along the river in fact) to find this food place. We did have to make a couple of route adjustments and Barb and Jakki asked a young lady riding a bike how lost we were (we were actually in the right place, just hadn’t gone far enough).




I cannot say how hard it was for me not to ask Jakki, “are we there yet.” I didn’t but the urge was nearly overwhelming. The pictures taken on the way to the collection of food trucks. Like the beautiful cities in Norway, Copenhagen has a mix of water and well not water. Less so that Amsterdam but beautiful none the less. The sky as you can see is a little overcast. It didn’t rain on us, although it would have been hilarious to be walking in Denmark getting rained on carrying Norwegian umbrellas,. It was a little coolish heading to cold but not uncomfortable. The boys and I walk outside every day, as does Jakki in her business so we a little better off weather wise than Barb. Of course Barb puts on a coat when she opens the refrigerator (I’m col,”). Once we crossed the river that runs parallel to the port (the middle and third pictures) we were nearly to this collection of street food trucks. Little did we know that was an understatement.

Luke says for the ENTIRE trip what was to come was the best lunch he had. The collection of food trucks was literally a explosion of food that was beyond amazing. From Korean to North American BBQ you could find nearly any restaurant you wanted. The food we ordered was amazing. Simply food that was prepared perfectly and you had so many choices you could eat there every day for a month and still be picking new places. For desert the kids wandered off to the Cheesecake shop. Luke pronounced it(as did Jakki) the best cheesecake ever. Nick said “its cheesecake” but he is the biggest cheesecake eater into he hosue so not unexpected. Barb and I went for the traditional Danish treat of pancakes. They were amazing.




My quest. In 1972 in the middle of a cold winters day my father and I both took pictures of this magnificent statue. The little mermaid in the harbor of Copenhagen. Dad taking his picture (made into a slide and scanned as part of the family history project) and I taking a picture with my Kodak instamatic 110. I have treasured those two photographs and our quest for this day in Copenhagen was to take more, That each person in our family would take a picture of the same statue. Mine is the far left taken from the hill approaching the little mermaid. The next two are Jakki and then Luke. Two more pictures (Nick and then Barb) are coming after this. I can’t say how happy it made me to complete this quest. To reconnect for a moment with my father. It took us two house of walking (we got lost) from the food truck collection to the Little Mermaid. I would love to say the boys didn’t complain during that two-hours. In fact I threatened them with posting here that they were excited and happy to continue walking, but they were very tired. We all were.



The pictures are an homage to my father. As the kids took them (and Barb) I was trying not to cry. 44 years (nearly) had passed since that cold day when he and I stood there and captured the image. Standing there where once I had stood with my father made that moment so incredible. I got to be there with my family. My partner, my kids my life. I wasn’t there recreating a moment alone. I was recreating a moment, as dad had created the original with his family (Mom, Lynne, Barb and I). So we recreated the moment with 5 as well. Each of us taking a picture of the Little Mermaid. For a moment I forgot about the throbbing agony that was my leg. I forgot about breathing (and the pain that was causing) and remember my father. Dad was an amazing human being. He touched all of our lives in so many ways. I was glad to bring a moment with him back to life. I ended up pretending my nose was running to cover up the crying. But the moment was captured, forever again.


Remembering Hans Oliver Andersen

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