On the beach in Oak Island North Carolina 2013.


Oak Island North Carolina. It is a wonderful place to visit. We’ve stayed on the North side of the Island and this first time we were on the South side. The beach is amazing. We walked up and down the beach several times. Beaches have personalities just like human beings do. Some are sporty and you find beach volleyball and people tossing Frisbees. This one, the beach near Oak Island is more relaxing. You find kids in the water swimming. The occasional person fishing, but for the most part people strolling up and down the beach just relaxing. All of us (the whole family) stayed in a beautiful older beach house. Lots of bedrooms and space. Beautiful deck to sit and watch the world go by. Lot’s of pictures of the ocean rolling in. We arrived late on the Friday (we worked until the afternoon that day) and drove the 9.5 hours after work. By the time we arrived at the house we were exhausted and so were the kids. It was kind of a chaotic start to the vacation.


The person is Matthew Misner. My sister Lynne’s Son (or more plainly my nephew). A very impressive young man. Later in the vacation we would take pictures of each other taking pictures of the other. In this one the view behind him is amazing. So the picture turned out very nicely. There are moments that capture a vacation. This is one of those moments. Oak Island is an interesting place. Yes it is at times a little touristy but many places you go to on the East Coast of the US are that way. From Delaware all the way down to Florida (and up the rest of the way to Maine) there are many little beach towns. Each one has its type of beach (Sporty, fishing, relaxing and more). Miles and miles of beaches that reach out into the cold waters of the Atlantic and offer relief from the heat. Living on the East Coast you also know things, like which beaches have great White Sharks circling around offshore. They track and share that kind of information on the news. Great White Sharks found circling the beach at Martha’s Vineyard. That really doesn’t matter, they don’t come close to shore often. You are much more likely to be bitten by a stray dog than bitten by a Great White Shark. But the shark makes the news.


Sitting and reading on the far left of the picture is my father. This was the last family vacation we took with him alive. He died a year after this picture (give or take a couple of days). It seems strange now, to look back at that vacation and realize that. Realize that this was the last time other than Christmas that year that we would all be together. Our last vacation with dad. I have struggled for two years to be able to write that. To be able to say without crying that I miss him. I do miss him. I miss the sense of humor. I miss the insight into the world. I miss the sound of his voice and his laughter. I carry his memory in my heart everyday. I see dad in his grandsons. More in Nick and Luke than I do in myself. But I see him there with them. Overtime the pain softens and the memories evolve. This moment, sitting there on a deck in North Carolina in June of 2013, all of us together for a time was magical. I added a couple of videos taken that weekend of the ocean. I love the restful sound of the surf. They are in our YouTube channel (the family history channel).


Thanks for all the wonderful memories dad.

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