One week in Mexico–time to relax!


During my traveling days I collected Marriott points and airline miles like crazy. So, we took wonderful nearly free vacations. For years our only vacation expense was food and entertainment while at the location. Airfare and hotel were either completely free or we were paying for a very small portion. So off to Puerto Vallarta we go! This from the window of our hotel room. We stayed at the Marriott resort right on the beach. White sands and blue oceans. The hotel was one of the nicest I’ve visited. The first thing we did after settling in was get out and wander the beach. Then we were off to the races. My plans were relaxing by the pool, reading and catching up on just being relaxed. Barb was going to hit the beach. The boys were going with Barb and Jakki was hanging out with me at the pool.  On our first full day we went into the city of Puerto Vallarta and had lunch. There is nothing finer than having someone come right to your table and make Guacamole. Barb and I both love the stuff (and avocados). So were in heaven. The person stood there and made fresh guacamole and we greedily consumed it.


Image is of to the right (with really long hair) Jakki. Then in the middle Nick and on the left Luke. The boys in this picture are now both either nearly as tall as me, or taller. I think Luke is actually taller than me now. We really enjoyed walking around the quaint town. Yes it is designed for tourism but it was still a lot of fun. Vacation’s are about experiencing more of the world. But they are also about having a chance to just unwind.  That was the goal of our trip for this vacation. Unwind. This vacation was in the beginning of my digital photography career so I didn’t take as many pictures as I have later on.  This was was in the courtyard just outside the hotel. There was, attached to the hotel one of my kids favorite dining experiences. A Japanese steakhouse. They love the hibachi grill experience. Where your table is the stove and the person cooks in front of you. Our waiter was also very talented when it came to origami and made the kids little dragons out of small paper. They managed to make it all the way home (fragile) and were around for a couple of years after the vacation until they finally fell apart. The food at the restaurant was fantastic. The service was even better!


It is hard to remember them at this size. Here together and not making faces at the camera. From the left its Luke, Nick then Jakki again. Just like the last picture but this time they were smiling. I don’t often get pictures like this anymore. One of them will make a face or all of them will make a face. The days of posing and smiling are now long gone. The hotel overlooked the Pacific Ocean and each night a pirate ship would head out into the water and fire off its canon. We enjoyed watching that at the end of each day. We also managed to squeeze in a run to a water park. The water park was amazing. The kids talk about that day still. We got to ride on the plunging water rides and swim around the lazy river. We also did the whole swim with the dolphin experience. Jakki really wanted to swim with the dolphins. It was something that was very important to her. The boys didn’t want to so I sat in the bleachers with them and we enjoyed watching the dolphins. Barb and Jakki swam with them and had a blast as well. Like all vacations this one had to end but it remains one of our favorite memoires. The trip to Mexico!


Family Historian

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