Our second trip to Oak Island a year after the first 2014.


New camera, new filter, purple world taken on the northern beach of Oak Island North Carolina in 2014. Same vacation spot as the year before but this time just our smaller group rather than the whole family. You can see the many pictures taken with the delightful purple twinge. I can fix them and have fixed a few with editing software. But I thought I would share my learning about images, filters and digital cameras. Plus frankly it just looks kind of cool. This stretch of beach runs all the way from well North of the lighthouse to roughly where we were the year before with the entire family. The beaches at Oak Island are dog friendly. A little too dog friendly in some cases. We were walking along following the rules of the beach (dog on leash) when two dogs bounded towards us. They were not on a leash and their owners strolled over to get them. We ended up holding on to those dogs and our dogs for dear life to avoid an issue. When the people finally sauntered up, they just took their dogs. No apology, no nothing just walked away.


By this point Raven had lived with us for about 4 months. Fran Jakki’s beloved Lab had passed away in March and the first week of April Raven joined us. She and Dylan hit it off pretty quickly with only a couple of incidents. Raven had been abandoned for a time period Lab Rescue had told us. We don’t know how long. Lab Rescue had found her and then she found us. Something in her past made her initially scared of water so she wouldn’t go into the water at all. Her Nick and Luke are trying to coax her into the ocean. It took a a couple of days but she finally did go in. Then she loved it (now she goes into water quite happily). But that first time she wasn’t having any part of it. In fact she didn’t go in the water until both her boys went in. When Raven first joined us she picked the boys as her people. The connection was really fast and deep. Now she trains the boys, they would never admit it but she makes them do things her way a lot more than they admit. When they were both in the water, she went in to make sure they were safe. Then realized that it was a lot of fun. Dylan on the other hand has always loved water and walked right in.


Lucas loves to jump over waves. Ever since he was a little kid he has loved to jump over waves. Nick will join him, but Lucas always starts the process. These images taken with an Olympus TG-3 (year before the upgrade). No lens filter so no purple. The advantage of having a camera that is water proof is you can get into the water and take pictures like this. It makes for a different experience overall with imaging.

We wandered down past the house mom and dad had rented the year before late in the week we were there. Oak Island is a very neat little city in North Carolina. It had been devastated by a Hurricane in the 1960’s so most of the houses in the town were rebuilt after that storm. The city itself has a series of “commercial clusters” one of the other side of the intercostal (mainland) and one on the ocean side of the intercostal (where we were). The intercostal waterway extends the length of North Carolina. It is more swamp in many places, or tidal pool, than it is a massive body of water. The bridge that connects the mainland to the island takes you over the swamp part.

Beach vacations, water vacations, boat vacations, just get me near the water!


Family Historian

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