Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin, by the Wisconsin River.


As a small child – probably from birth to around 5 years of age my father’s parents live in a resort town called Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. Nestled along the Wisconsin River the “Dell’s” as it is called is a city built around the river, and around a couple of or more than a couple of amusement parks. This is the Roller Coaster from outside the park looking in at the Dells. First off, it is a wooden roller coaster. Second off, my wife the normal victim of riding roller coasters with the boys was unable to join us on this vacation. So I had to ride the rattling, shaking roller coaster. We took a family trip to the Dells in the summer of 2011 for a Johnston family reunion.  My mother’s family being the Johnston family. My Uncle Keith, Aunt Barbara and their two children (my cousins Brad and Laura) along with our family (Mom, Dad, Lynne, Barb and me) all wandering up to the Dells to spend a day celebrating family and my Uncle’s birthday. I volunteered to take all the kids to the amusement park the first full day we were in the Dells. Barb (my wife not my aunt or my sister) had to stay back in Indiana for school.


The whole clan at the reunion with the river in the background. We spent the reunion day at the state park near the Dells. Dad grew up in the Dells. Once upon a time he actually played the US Forest Service fire prevention character, dressed up as Smokey the Bear. The town that is the Dells is not the town dad grew up in. It has changed so much over the years. I remember one time, when I was little being in the dells and it was little more than one amusement park. one boardwalk and a single road. Now it is a growing little city with many things to do. The boys, Jakki and I played a really fun very difficult miniature golf course. We went to the many tourist shops (the kids wanted to get couriers). We also spent the day as stated at the amusement park. My fondest memory of the Dells from my childhood was riding the river cruise. The kids really weren’t into that idea, so we spent the day at the amusement park. Luke wanted to ride all the roller coasters so we did. Nick wanted to race the go-carts. For the first time ever Nick passed me in a go-cart. He, as he passed me on the uphill climb of the course shook his little fist at me. I almost caught him on the down hill run but not quite. So he ended up winning. I haven’t heard the end of that for the past 5 years.


We were using the many scenes and fun capabilities of the Olympus TG-3 camera. If you need a camera that can be dropped, taken into the water or just a tough camera for action and adventure, I highly recommend the Olympus Tough series. This is the panorama view that the camera includes as one of the cense/tools you can use. The image is of people eating their lunch as part of the party/reunion.


While in the waterpark Jakki used to camera. She has a passion for taking underwater pictures. This one was actually taken by either Courtney (my sister Barbara’s Daughter) or Megan (My sister Lynne’s daughter) as the three of them played in the water park. There was a time early on in their lives when both Courtney and Megan were terrified of me. They wouldn’t have anything to do with me. I miss those times sometimes Smile. Now they just make faces at the camera when I have it in my hands to take pictures.


Another template picture (pencil) that the kids were using. The built in functionality and abilities of the camera make it worth carrying in your pocket. It is also very small and based on that easily used as a family event camera. The video capabilities are good. It is a point and shoot and of course you do have to carry a camera along with your cellular phone.

It is however a camera you can hand to your children and not worry. If they drop it, or dunk it the cameras does’ care. I know, if I dropped my cellular phone or if I dunked my cellular phone without putting it into a waterproof case I would be in deep trouble. The TG series of cameras just keeps on rolling.

As we wandered home from the Dells the kids were excited and also missing mom. So we piled into the mini-van for the 8 hour drive home. We did manage to stop at a cheese shop in Wisconsin and import good chase into Indiana!


Olympus camera fan, Wisconsin Dells fan!

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