Wander Indiana project, Brown County State Park


Nestled in the hills (and valleys) of southern Indiana is a small town called Nashville Indiana. There is, like the much larger Nashville in Tennessee an Opry house, but it is as would be expected much smaller than the one in Nashville Tennessee. Near Nashville Indiana is a wonderful state park to wander, visit and enjoy. First of note, there remains a stand of virgin timber. Timber that has never been cut or removed by humans. Other than the occasion tree that falls and requires removal. The trees are original forest from 100’s of years ago. The park has a couple of lakes stocked with fish and lots of trails. We would take the kids there, a quick drive from Indianapolis (a little over 55 minutes). The park has a large deer population so at dusk as you drive through the park you will get to see a lot of deer. There is a wonderful primitive camping area and a pool near the entrance of the Park closest to Nashville the city. The roads are nicely paved, but there aren’t many roads overall, so you can still get away from humanity and enjoy nature.


Here are the kids on one of the trails with Fran. Fran hurt her ACL fairly early in life so strenuous trails were out of the question. They do have long and short rails. Dogs are welcomed on many trails. There are also horse trails and a horse stable at one end of the park. You can bring your horses or you can ride the parks horses on the many horse trails of the park. There are also wonderful bike trails that wind through the park. You can bike quite a bit of the park on nicely paved bike only trails. The roads are pretty narrow all told (barely big enough for two cars) so biking on the actual roads is less optimal than normally. Plus the roads weren’t cut for human use, they were cut to preserve nature. So they wind in and out of the trees and up and down the many hills of Brown County Indiana. There is also, a place I’ve visited many times, a nature exhibit. The flora and fauna of Indiana. The nature center also does interactive sessions all around the park.


The park also has an old fire tower that has been restored and you can climb up and see a great distance. It (the fire tower) sits on top of the hill that is nearly the center of the park. You can climb the stairs (it is roughly 10 full flight of stairs) and be above the trees. Although for a long distance all you will see is trees! In the fall as the leaves change color the park is full of people. There are also sections or vista’s (not the Microsoft computer software so no bugs) cut along the roadway. Some are amazing photo spots that you can stop and take a picture of the fall foliage. Some are great picnic spots as well so you can picnic and enjoy the brisk fall air, and the amazing fall foliage of southern Indiana. If you are ever in the mood to see a place that has some untouched forest and a very interesting quaint little town Nashville Indiana and Brown county State Park are something to add to your list. This is not a fly in, fly out type stop. You will have to drive a bit to get here, but when you do arrive you will find it is worth the visit!


Family Historian

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