Wander Indiana, just across the border in Ohio. Cincinnati Ohio to be exact!


We lived in Cincinnati Ohio from 1991 until 1999. We started out living near Cincinnati in the suburb of Fairfield. We then moved to Maineville. Maineville is interesting, because it is literally the small town that is connected to the amusement park King’s Island. For the summer we lived in Maineville we went to King’s island often, but not as much as we could. Jakki was on her way (Barb was pregnant) so after the first summer there things slowed down. We have been back to King’s Island many times as the kids got older. Our last trip to Cincinnati with the kids before moving to Maryland was in 2010. This picture outside King’s Island 2010. The amusement park was a destination for folks in Bloomington. Well for High School and College age people it was the destination. Barb, as discussed before loved roller coasters (so do Nick and Luke now). So she is always ready to drop everything and ride roller coasters at an amusement park. Her favorite remains the Beast. The Beast is the main coaster at King’s Island. I guess that first roller coaster is always the one you remember.



When Nick was younger he did not like Roller Coasters. So he and I went to the top of the replica Eifel Tower in the Center of the Park. You can see a lot of Ohio from up there. That’s Nick at the railing looking back at me. I can say, having been to the top of the real Eifel Tower, and the one at King’s Island, the one at King’s Island is a lot smaller. The park like most amusement parks is broken up into a bunch of areas. As you enter the park through the main gate, you see the Eifel Tower straight ahead. From that position you can head South (or to the right) and you will end up in the kids area. The daredevil (upside down, hanging from your seat crazy rides) are off to the left. If you walk towards the Eifel Tower you will pass by the recreated old town, with shops and an auditorium where they do shows. King’s Island is a mix of ride types, with a water park attached to the park as well. I love water, but I am not a huge fan of water parks. I’ve been to a few, and the smell of chlorine reminds me of my days on swim club, or worse my day’s of owning and maintaining a pool.


Just like in Paris, the Eifel tower coming out of Nick’s head. During the time we lived in Cincinnati we probably went to the park 40 times. Personally my favorite time ever was taking Jakki (all bundled up and warm) to the park for their holiday lights display. That was when Jakki loved Christmas lights, she sat on my lap saying yights, yights. The next year, when we moved to our first house in Cincinnati, she made me put up yights. But that was a magical evening. You rode on the train that went the western town in the Kid’s area of the park. Each building was intricately lit up and sitting on the train you were wandered by each of them. That was my all time favorite trip to the park. I guess since the goal is to share travel stuff as well as family stuff, I should point out some really cool things about the park. There is a really nice picnic area in the park. You can bring large groups and have a blast there. The water park is very nice (but smells like a lot of Chlorine). They have several exceptional roller coasts. The most famous is the Beast. But there is also the Roller Coaster. The park, many years ago was featured in an episode of the Brady Bunch. The entire Bunch made their way from California to Ohio in order to partake of the park and spend a day there.

King’s Island is only one of many places to go and see in Cincinnati Ohio.


Family Historian

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