Wander Indiana/Maryland project (ok slipped over the border and stayed in Cincinnati Ohio).


(This picture is actually from Greenwood Indiana not Cincinnati the memories are from Ohio, the picture from Indiana) Beyond King’s Island there are a number of other reasons to visit Cincinnati Ohio. One of them is a converted Warehouse by the Ohio River that is now a Children’s museum. Like play areas we seldom passed a Children’s museum. There were many years when we spent more time visiting children’s museums than art or other museums. Here the crew is getting ready to go into the museum. The boys were at the true Toddler stage of life. They toddled everywhere rather than walking. Until they saw something they really wanted then they ran. Downtown Cincinnati Ohio is nestled against the Ohio River. Jakki’s favorite park as a small child was the river park. At one end the park has a pole showing the height of flood waters at various times in history (the top of the pole has the 1930’s marker, a scary flood.) The park has serpentine wall that wanders along the Ohio and has a quay in the middle of it. The old restored riverboats docked there. During our time in Cincinnati we lived on the North side (Fairfield) then on the East side (Maineville) and then our last two stops were on the West side (Western Hills and Mt. Airy).


Inside the Children’s museum. Becca (barb’s oldest) attended the Cincinnati School for Creative and Preforming arts. That school was located in an area of Cincinnati known as Over the Rhine. Primarily because at the time it was settled the primary residents of that part of the city were of German descent, and missed the Rhine River. There, somewhere in the Over the Rhine district of Cincinnati is the never finished subway.  There is also an abandoned trolley car system that connected two of the seven hills of Cincinnati Ohio. The city is surrounded by Seven Hills and all slope down to the Ohio River. Nestled near the river, but on the other side of the city from the Children’s museum is Jakki’s favorite restaurant. It wouldn’t be her favorite now but it was then. We would go to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse for dinner on occasion. The Montgomery Inn which started in a location in Montgomery one of the cities on the East side of Cincinnati, was the best rib joint in the city! Also famous for their cobbler. One night we were at the boathouse actually sitting on the river side at a table and Barb asked Jakki (pointing out at the river) what is that?


Jakki said “bath” although, if you do ever visit Cincinnati, I would not advise bathing in the Ohio. Across the river from downtown Cincinnati was actually one of our favorite locations later on in our living there. They built an amazing aquarium in Northern Kentucky. It was one of the coolest (not as nice as the Shedd aquarium, but nice) it was in Norwood Kentucky. We would often zip down and spend the afternoon enjoying the fish experience. We kept our first boat on the Eastern side of the Cincinnati River front. I won’t say where, because frankly the place was a dive but we enjoyed taking the boat out on the Ohio river and cruising. There are many things to do, and many things to remember about Cincinnati Ohio. We spent 9 years in the city. Our second longest tenure in a city. Our longest tenure so far is Greenwood, and Bloomington. I have 19 consecutive years in Bloomington and Barb has 19 consecutive years in Bloomington. (Barb moved to Arizona when she was 19 years old breaking her first streak. I moved to Cincinnati Ohio breaking my post Bangkok longest streak in Bloomington). Anyway, the children’s museum is a nice Cincinnati stop. The first and last picture are on the way in, and the way home. The middle picture is of the sand tables. We spent a lot of time at sand tables.


Family Historian

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