Wander Project, first time in Munich Germany


I first trip to Germany was to Munich. We were there for a series of meetings with a number of people. We all arrived on Friday/Saturday. It was memorial day weekend. I lived in Greenwood Indiana and was actually out of the country for 8 of the 12 Indy 500 mile races while I lived there. This was memorial day weekend, which isn’t a holiday in Europe so we worked on the holiday and as the evening of our first Monday ended we watched the race. It was funny to be in a hotel bar, in Munich Germany watching people drive around in circles in the town where my family was. Munich is a really fun city to be in. My second visit to Germany would also be Munich but this was the first trip. I was struck by the wonderful art on the streets. In a toy store near the main drag of the village we were in, I found wonderful Knights Errant toys/action figures for the boys. They still have those to this day. I found Barb a wonderful scarf (she loves scarfs) and Jakki I found the most amazing German coloring book. It was an intricate coloring book I know that shopping for a small gift when I was away from the kids helped me a little.


I love taking pictures of the European cigarette vending machines. I have posted one from several other trips to Europe. I can’t help it. The beautiful section of town we were in (near the airport) had cobblestone roads. We were on top of the hill so we wandered down hill from our hotel to the main drag where all the restaurants were. A dear friend was part of the team, he and I arrived Saturday morning early. Since we had all day Saturday to kill and neither of us wanted to sleep we warned the village we were in. It was about a 4 hour trip to Mad Ludwig’s castle by car so that was the first idea thrown out and then discarded. We did try some of the local beer. It is amazing first of all that every pub we visited during our 4 days in Germany made or had connections to a different beer. The ones I tried were amazing. We were in the part of Munich where the newly elected Pope (the one who just retired,) had actually been the priest for many years. we walked by the church where he had served as the parish priest. That was kind of a cool thing. We also walked by the dozens of statues and art work along the street.



Another statue/sculpture (all of them are bears). Plus a really narrow street. You can see the cobblestones that were used to make the street. They were fit together well the streets were not as rough as you would think. Not as smooth as poured concrete or asphalt but not as rough as they would seem visually. The alleys between buildings were narrow. They weren’t built for cars. These pictures are from 2002, and I can see the evolution of my pictures. I didn’t often take pictures with people in them early on in my picture taking days. I also didn’t like taking pictures of touristy things. So I took the weird and different pictures for a long time. Unless of course someone was snapping a picture of a tourist spot, then I would take their picture. That I cannot help doing. Munich was a wonderful stop. We actually were also going to a couple of other places for meetings (New Jersey and Seattle). So the trip was just beginning. We bid adieu to Munich and headed off to New Jersey.


Family Historian

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