Wander Project–wandering the past of Bloomington Indiana


Part of the family history project is the memories that are gathered, and then often sadly gather dust never shared. This image of my dad, and two of his grand children Megan and Matt (they are Gary and Lynne’s children). This image taken in front of my parents old house on Kinser Pike in Bloomington Indiana. A history of the places we lived in Bloomington Indiana: Hoosier Courts (old WWII Army Barracks converted into graduate student housing.). Tulip Tree, a nearly new huge high rise apartment building that was at that time married students and married students with children. We then moved to Sherwood Oaks, a growing community on the South side of Bloomington. From there we moved to Sycamore Knolls. The next move was my last living at my parents house, moving out to the Farm in Kirksville. Lynne, Barb and I all moved out while mom and dad lived at the farm. They then moved to the house on Kinser Pike and were there for 20 years. Mom has since moved one more time.


The apple trees at the farm, Kirksville Indiana. The dwarf apple trees planted now more than 30 years ago. They, the trees are all gone now. Dwarf trees live 20-25 years on average. Someone got some really good Apples, Pears, Walnuts and great fire wood for quite a few years.Mom and dad sold the farm a little after Jakki was born. She had her first Christmas at Farm, all other’s were at Kinser pike for her and the boys. Southern Indiana is an interesting place to visit. It is a land of many faces. We, growing up in Bloomington, were exposed to many things. The long cutter vs townie vs gownie debate had long since passed. But there were distinct things that the groups still did. If you watch the movie Breaking Away you will see parts of Bloomington, the biggest I have from that movie is the Memorial Union on the campus of IU. As an undergrad I spent many hours in that building. It has restaurants, a blowing alley, a hotel and conference rooms. Later, as a professional working with Indiana University as part of a larger team we had several meetings in the conference rooms of the memorial Union.


Here is my dad with Matthew. Matt, to borrow from Cat Stevens, arrived in the usual way. Becca was already on the scene, then came Matt, Jakki, Megan, Courtney and finally Nick and Luke. Each of them is a unique and special person. That makes Christmas crowded but who could ask for anything else? The noise alone would drive you nuts. But the silence is much worse. So revel in the noise created. It is actually quieter now that all the grandkids are adults. We can be in a much smaller space now. Time passes, and time changes everything. There are many more places to go in Bloomington Indiana that have not yet been shared. There was time when the original KFC franchise owner, the Boxman’s lost their KFC franchise or just gave it up who knows. BOxman’s Fried Chicken was the stop for many early biking dates that Barb and I took. Long bike rides into the sunset each of us with a box of delicious chicken. I haven’t checked the last few times I was in Bloomington. The Boxman’s Chicken location isn’t really near anywhere we go anymore. It was once, a hotspot for us. But now not really near anywhere we go. I’ll have to check and see if it is still there when we go, back to the past again, on a trip to Bloomington!

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