Wander project, A Bloomington Indiana that was…


The science education lab at Indiana University. When I was little these labs were in the old University School located next to the IU School of Music and the new preforming arts auditorium. The original school of education (actually where I attended) was a fun place to hang out. But the library was small and stuck in the corner basement of the building. The new building went up long after I graduated but it is very nice. It is also a little further into the old dorm area of campus rather than in the middle of the area by the Presidents House. (President of the University). It was, back in the day, nice to go to class and then during breaks wander around the wooded area between the Union and the old School of Education. The old school of education has been renovated and is now part of the ever expanding Indiana University school of Music. Anyway we visited the new facilities with the kids and my parents a few years ago. This is the picture I printed and had on my wall, and I think I also gave a copy to my parents with the inscription just as it appears in the image there. Young Scientists destroy lab!


When they moved back into town on Kinser dad of course planted more Apple Trees. He was the Johnny Appleseed of Bloomington. Mom and dad owned four houses in Bloomington and each time they moved, they left apple trees. Every fall we would all gather and pick apples, dad would roll out the cider press and we would make cider. The fun thing about making fresh apple cider is the taste. The unfunny thing about making fresh apple cider is the many bees that the process attracts. I have no idea how many bees got in the apple cider during the annual event. This was not a machine based apple cider press. This was a human powered old fashioned cider press. I think that was 1/2 if not more of the fun. Picking the apples, throwing them into the large wooden container on top (after washing them) and then turning the crank. There was a bag that caught the pieces of apple skin and core that was produced so all that came out was cider. There are a couple of commercial orchards near Bloomington. One of the North side of the city and one on the West side a little further out in the country.


Trips to Melton’s orchard were always anticipated. One year when I was younger, may 8 or 9 years old we got a mix of red and green apples (My father loved Apples more than anything). We took them home and for some reason we left them in the old dining room on Dunstan drive and went to do something else. We came back to two less bags of green apples and a very full and uncomfortable Newfoundland laying on the floor of the living room obviously having eaten all of the green apples. The other big thing the kids did besides ruining labs and apple cider when visiting mom and dad’s on-line house was race down the long driveway on various motorized contraptions mom and dad kept. The one in the picture was the flying turtle. The kids would go out when hey arrived and spend hours going down the hill. Then walking back, and going down the hill again. I have pictures of this event occurring as early as 1996 and going on well beyond that (this one is from 2006). It became a family tradition. The one with the flying turtle of course was the one who went the fastest!


Family Historian

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