Wander Project, back to where it is warm (cold in Maryland today) Hawaii!


For the first time in my lifetime I am going to root for my favorite all time team in the World Series. I cannot express how happy that makes me. Except that this morning I woke up and it was cold in the house. It is that awkward period between air conditioning and heating. So we are wandering today as part of the wander project back to Hawaii. This time I am going to mix pictures from 2015 and from 2008. At this point anything would be better than cold. Actually I like the cold, but thinking warm thoughts helps. This image is of the famous beach Waikiki. Taken obviously as the sun was setting. We were walking barefoot along the beach our first night in Hawaii. The next morning the boys and I wandered over to the Cheeseburger in paradise (the Jimmy Buffet restaurant chain) and enjoyed the local breakfast treat, Loco moco. That particular food has actually traveled back with us from Hawaii. Luke made it for our dinner a few days ago.


Barb and I as cowboys (and Cowgirls) I guess perhaps both of us as CowPeople. On horseback ready to start the roundtrip and drive the cattle to Kansas City. I hope cows can swim, a long way in fact. We enjoyed the Islands. We spent a week on Lanai. Or more properly Pineapple Island as once upon a time that was one of the largest Pineapple plantations owned by the Dole Company. The horseback ride took us way back into the old plantation (you can still see evidence of the pineapple plantation) and back into the heart of the island. The scenery on this trip was just amazing. On horseback you are taller, so you can see further. It was glorious to just enjoy. Barb’s horse was apparently hungry, literally snacking on everything it could eat the entire trip. The leader of our group kept yelling at her horse. I was sadly guilty of laughing. Barb kept trying to get the horse to move along, but it just stopped and snacked or grabbed things as it walked along. Below I am sharing a few of the pictures from the horseback ride. This trip was in 2008 and was just Barb and I.




I cannot help the illness I have. You point a camera at me I take your picture. You point a camera at a building I take your picture. You take a picture, I take your picture. I know why I do that and I blame my father. It is the kind of “humor” my father loves. The problem with horseback video and stills is of course the fact that the horse is neither still nor an unmoving platform. So the images are a little shaky and the video is little shaky. The conversation between Barb and I is the best part of the video, anyway.


Still the fantastic beach Waikiki. From the amazing sand of this beach tot eh black sand beaches on other islands, we enjoyed our time in Hawaii. For the 2015 trip mom had all of us come. So we had our family and both of my sisters families with us. It was truly a wonderful vacation. The cool thing about walking along the beach is the sound of the ocean. This, one of the world’s most famous and iconic beaches was fun to wander along because then we could all say we hung out on Waikiki beach. We didn’t rent surf boards, although that would have made the entire thing even more amazing. Imagine pictures of me surfing. It would most likely end the sport forever. Or the headlines would more likely embarrass me forever. (aging man falls of surf board, breaks arm and shatters pride). I guess it is a good thing we didn’t actually rent surfboards. I would have enjoyed paddling one of the outriggers out into the surf though. That would have been fun.


Family Historian, not ready for winter…

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