Wander project Hawaii


Coming into the first port on the Hawaiian Island Cruise. The food on the cruise was ok, but not great. That ended up being a really good thing for me, as I started eating less and less. I left DC weighing 108kg. I am now below and have been below 90kg in weight for more half this year so far. It wasn’t a diet by the way, more of a permanent life style change. I like Ice Cream, so to eat Ice Cream you have to balance your diet! (well I have to). Hawaii was the incentive, not having food I couldn’t pass up. Then switching to small breakfasts of pineapple and fresh fruit. It has taken me many years to figure out how I can be healthy, both physically and mentally. It took a vacation in paradise to help me find the balance. My son Lukas also gets credit for helping, after all the years of us walking every day he is the one that said “hey why are you taking the elevator, take the stairs.” So he and I took the stairs every time instead of the elevator. The result was many more stairs! I miss Hawaiian, and for that matter I miss Thai, pineapple. Thai pineapple is a little sweeter than Hawaiian. But both, fresh are simply beyond amazing. Add to that the selection of fresh melon available and I was a happy camper. Plus, while at sea there was a comfortable walking path.


Beneath us, the water so blue. One of the ship’s tenders. Or, if you wish lifeboats. Practice makes perfect, so you start the cruise preparing for the worst case with the life preserver and life boat drill. We decided this summer to require life jackets on all passengers for our boat. It wasn’t because of the life boat drills. It was because of the interesting fact. When riding or driving a pleasure craft your chance of drawing is significantly less if you are wearing a life jacket. Regardless of anything else, just wearing a life jacket increases your survival rate. So now everyone onboard our boat wears a life jacket, even the dogs. The one difference is we don’t do a drill at the beginning. We just ask people to put the life jacket on. It seems logical to me, that life jackets would be more than required on a boat. Knowing that nearly 9 out of 10 drownings could be prevented by simply having a life jacket on. But there are people that do not life to wear life jackets. I guess, it takes all kinds. If it is a colder day and you are fully clothed, not wearing a lifejacket is well, not a good idea. Water logged clothes may keep you a little warmer in the freezing water, but they will also drag you under.


All of the pictures shared today are from the Olympus TG-4. I do in fact carry two or three camera’s all the time. The DSLR simply because the pictures it takes are beyond amazing. The Olympus because you have so many different styles and types of pictures and my iPhone. The iPhone has much for its communications capability as anything else. But I have to say, the camera on the iPhone 7 is much better than the 6s. It is a good spur of the moment camera. The other two still produce much better pictures, but there is something about being able to hold your phone and do a quick slo-motion or time lapse video. I still argue that the cellular phone is not the optimal phone, but the new one is a lot better than the previous one’s. There is still something about having, and sharing pictures that a stand alone camera device just does better. Plus the reality of the future is VR/AR and 360 degree camera’s. The reality of those is shaky = really bad image. Those types of images require a level of stability you won’t get from a cellular phone. Unless you slide it into a tripod and at that point why not get a better quality camera?


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