Wander project (still cold in Maryland) warm days in Hawaii!


There is also, in the family history (old photo archive) pictures of dad in Hawaii. Our family friends the Kondo’s live in Hawaii. Dad visited them often, Dr. Kondo like dad also worked for UNESCO. He and the rest of his family went to Afghanistan and Fiji. This picture would be from the 1970’s after they had left Kabul and moved to Fiji. We have a lot of pictures of Hawaii. Dad’s favorite place was the Volcano National park. The older pictures are 35mm pictures taken with dad’s Pentax camera. They are sadly often in B&W so you don’t get the full impact of the natural scenery. This particular picture based on timing may actually be in Fiji rather than Hawaii. As I said the Kondo’s left Afghanistan and ended up working in Fiji. I know dad visited them in Fiji so this may actually not be Hawaii but another part of the south pacific island world. The two youngsters in the picture are Jill and Leslie Kondo, the two children of the family. Dr. Kondo and Mrs. Kondo moved to Bloomington to be part of the Science Education department at Indiana University. They are the family we visited with in 2015, having brunch and catching up after not seeing each other in quite a few years.


Part of our crew in front of a banyan tree on Waikiki beach. I love typing Waikiki. Why? Because it is a word I misspelled so many times in recounting trips to Hawaii that I now have it memorized. We stopped at the tree after wandering the beach. This was taken on our first night. We stayed in a smallish non-chain hotel just off Waikiki. We wandered to a local place for dinner, then wandered the beach as the sun was setting. It is fun sometimes just to be a tourist. This is the crew that didn’t go out for noodles. This crew is my mother, sisters, their husbands and two nieces. The rest of the crew went off for noodles and such. Then next day mom, barb, lynne, and barb went off to the swap meet to buy t-shirts and the like. The boys and I, as mentioned were in search that Saturday of Loco Moco. We found it, also as mentioned before in the Jimmy Buffet Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant right off of Waikiki beach. I wonder, if the sarcasm of a Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant just off of the paradise of Waikiki beach is lost on people. I know it made me smile realizing it was a double paradise, cheeseburger!


Riding in the car. We, on our first day after our first afternoon, and after our first night, of the cruise. Just to be confusing. Basically we got on the cruise ship in the afternoon of our first full day in Hawaii. So we landed in Honolulu airport, made our way to Waikiki and our hotel. Spent the night, in the morning wandered around the swap meet (some of us) and searched for Loco Moco (the boys and I). In the early afternoon we boarded a bus and headed to the cruise ship. We then went through the boarding process for the cruise ship. That took a bit in the afternoon, and then the ship left port in the evening. We docked in the early morning hours and were free to explore. My sister had arranged rental cars for us, so we took off in three cars to explore the island. There are many pictures from the car as we drove to the other side of the island. We were heading to an historical village/town to wander around for awhile. We did manage to find a lunch place and fresh sushi as well.




Not all pictures taken from moving cars are good. I love the one my daughter took of the front of the car. (3rd one). But, Jakki did a good job capturing the passing landscape via the camera as we drove along. In many cases the image was standing still, and the car was moving at 60mph. So the reality of bodies in motion made some of the images a little shaky.


Family Historian

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