Wander project the islands of Hawaii…


The adult only pool near the back of the cruise ship. I understand the reality of children and pools. I also understand that at times people take vacations without kids, so having kids around either makes them feel worse or it makes them miss their kids. Still an adult only pool struck me as not needed. Over the course of a week I sat in the bar area above the pool below 5 or 6 times. (They had cigars what can I say). Frankly in that week I saw maybe 10 people in that adult pool. Oh well. I spend a lot of time thinking about both the concepts and the reality of kids. Now as for the ship and my own kids, all three of them said they felt the ship rolling a little with waves. Even on the all ocean day I didn’t feel that. I do feel the rollers when we are out in the Chesapeake bay but our boat isn’t that big. On the Cruise ship I never felt them. I guess that is the funny reality of those who are sea ready and those that still aren’t. Funny that my kids didn’t get that from me. Or from my mom. Oh well. You never really know what you love will pass to your children. All three of my children love books (I love books and reading so much). I am happy with that.


Its funny when I think about it. We were outside wandering Hawaii. The skies due to the oncoming Hurricane (that didn’t arrive until the day after left) were gray. We didn’t care. We were outside in Hawaii. Over the course of 7 days we visited six islands. Barb and I had been to Oahu and Lanai in our previous trip. Now we were adding a number of other islands. Going to dad’s favorite park was the one day I was truly anticipating, The Volcano National park, dad and I had talked about that park many years before. We went to the top of the mountain to see the observatory. The observatory looked like it was set on the moon. The volcanic rock and sand looking more like the surface of the moon than of Hawaii. There was limited vegetation near or around the area we were at. You can, from the observation area see the observatory, walk around the top of what was and still is a volcano although one that has not erupted in a long time. But you walk around and you see so little plant life, so little life in general other than you. Walking on what was as near as you could get to feeling like you were on the moon.


A stark contrast the lunar scape on top of the mountain to the teeming life in the sea. One of the ports we stopped at Dolphins escorted the ship into the harbor. I watched that for awhile. In another, as we prepared to disembark and after the all-aboard call, I sat and watched people using paddle boards to wander around the non-commercial side of the harbor. Lots of people on standing paddle boards, paddling around the harbor. I can say that it was a magical view. Then to be on top the mountain, to see what was still lava. The entrails of lava flows, the sand created not by living things but by time making the ground as if the moon. Barren and lifeless, yet just below, driving back down the mountain dipping below 10,000 feet you saw lush vegetation and beautiful houses. As if the vegetation drew a line in the volcanic sand “here, no further.” That view though, from on top the mountain, was amazing. One of the things you never forget!


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