Wander project (it is still cold in Maryland) still in Hawaii…


There is a difference between the boat I have, and the ship that we spent a week on. Certainly, given the right circumstances I wouldn’t mind spend a week on my boat. But I would take 2500 of my closest friends with me. Over the course of a week you meet people. The difference in a cruise like this one was we did family activities at the various stops. Had we done the traditional tours we would have met even more people. Of course, we were with family so in the end, family is the most important thing anyway. You may not like what your family says, they may (and may have for years) know exactly how to annoy you, but they also know you and are a part of who you are. So they have the ability to help you move passed where you are. They have been there over time and shown that they won’t walk away from you no matter what. Friends are important, family is something however you cherish. The geneses of the family history project is the memories of family. My grandfather always told me to cherish family. The reason for that he would always say is no matter how high you climb the mountain of life, family was there before and they will be there if you reach the top, or if you fall off and have to start over. Family is the one constant you should never ignore.


Sometimes I look at the pictures I took of a place and time and I wonder. I start off with what is wrong with me. Obviously in the recesses of my brain there is a rhyme for this picture. A rationale. A theme perhaps buried deep in the megapixels of the image. That said I have no idea what this one is about. I suspect that the intent was the size of the cruise ship but since it is cropped and we have no idea how far away the ship was from me, we really don’t have any ability to determine the size of the ship based on the picture. We do however see how many bad pictures I take. When you document the past in the time that was the future, when you were in the event that has passed, you sometimes realize that there are moments that slip away. This is one of those moments. It seemed important enough to take the picture last year. To capture this millisecond as part of our families journey in Hawaii. Now that said I have no idea why. I guess this one is one of those –1 pictures.


As a child we used to go to Springmill State Park, on the way to the State Park was a rock cut like this. Although it was through limestone so I suspect a lot easier to cut than this volcanic rock cut. This is an imposing wall. Taken from the car (that much I know) in Hawaii. This was on our way to a beach and a whaling museum. The first stop that day was to wander around a town on the northern part of the island. Then to the whaling museum. This was on the way to the town. I can blame this, and roughly 40 more pictures of things from the car as we drove along on Jakki. I handed her the camera and said take pictures. I didn’t qualify my remark so she took pictures as I was driving. Of course, some of the pictures she took turned out amazing. If I had done that we would have 200 pictures of the lock knob on the door of the car with everything else blurry. Family are the people that make you better, the best you that you can ever be. Jakki is a much better photographer than I am. So are the boys, but they don’t like to take pictures anymore. When the do, they take interesting pictures at odd angles having their mother’s more visual eye for artistic moments. Me, I am all about the words.


Family Historian

2 thoughts on “Wander project (it is still cold in Maryland) still in Hawaii…

  1. I think I took the middle photo. I liked the fact that the way the pedestrian walkway sign indicated seemed to lead to nowhere. I’m all about the words, too.

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