Wander Project still Hawaii…


My daughter has a wicked sense of humor. So, as stated before driving in Hawaii, in the car taking pictures. so of course like her father she takes a picture of another car, driving in Hawaii. I do however, know the intent of the picture. The sky blending into the ocean. The red car was speeding and passed us flying along, so not her fault. My favorite part of this first day trip was walking around the village. Nestled right on the water, the restaurant we picked for lunch actually jutted out into the water. As mentioned that first day I had Barb’s world famous Biscuits, sausage gravy and scrambled eggs for breakfast. For some reason something kicked in that day at lunch. First off I was near the ocean and I love sushi. So, fresh fish it was to be for lunch. But I also decided to cut down. I think.it has to do with the tropical weather and the availability of fresh fish and fresh fruit. I began my life style change (Barb says I am not supposed to call it a diet) on a Cruise Ship in Hawaii. I haven’t looked back! (I dropped below 90kg for the first time since 1984. There was a lot of whooping and shouting when that happened!).


The next part of this day is hard to talk about. We went to a whaling museum. I don’t know before, what I thought I would see at that museum. I don’t know what I expected. I know what I saw. I know the horror I felt. What if whales aren’t just creatures on this planet but our cousins, intelligent and capable of thought and communication? I saw the implements of whaling from 100 years ago and it made me sad. It actually still makes me sad now when I think about what was done. The fact that some countries still allow whaling to me is horrifying. Half the crew went to the beach while the rest of us wandered around the museum. It was a little disconcerting, so we wandered to a restaurant to have a pop and relax. The mall wasn’t like the mainland malls. It was open, like the one’s I remember from Thailand. shops lining both sides, with a huge open courtyard. There were several interesting sculptures in the courtyard, including one of a dinosaur that was amazing.


After our first days tour we returned to the boat. It was a great day! Except for the whaling museum, That still bothers me. The rest of the day was amazing. It was nice to have a place to come back to each night. The value of the cruise is you get to see the islands but you don’t have to pack, repack and then of course get on place. Everything stays in your cabin, and you move around. The ship then pulls out of the port and sets sail for the next destination. We’ve been on cruises before but this one was the one that kind of made the point to me. The value of a cruise is being able to have a single place to start from. A place with good food (well this cruise was ok food not good always). A place to sleep, to keep your stuff and a place to come back to each day. Plus add in things to do at night. Every night of the cruise there was a different show. Getting up at 4 am (yes even sadly on vacation) meant I didn’t stay up for many of the shows, I did make it to the stand up comedy show but that was the only one.


Family Historian

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