Wander project the Volcano National Park…


Ah the ocean, heading off to the next island. I thought since I had really talked about all the cool places we went to, to actually share all the cool places today. So here are some of the cool places we saw. The first was the waterfall that was featured on the television show Fantasy Island. Yes, I did say Da Plane while were standing there. Hawaii has a lot of wild chickens (a result of the aftermath of the last big hurricane that hit the island). We saw chickens nearly everywhere. We went to the volcano national park. That was an amazing day. Just seeing the steam vents pumping heated water vapor into the air was really exciting to view. We wandered around the Volcano national park quite a bit (will share pictures in this blog of the park) and I got to take a lot of pictures. My favorite part of volcano national park was wandering the edge of the volcano crater. First off, I’ve seen video and still pictures of the volcano but you don’t realize how huge it is until you are there, standing on the edge.


What seems like an innocent fissure in the gourd. Of course it isn’t innocent, but it is a fissure. We wandered around the edges of the massive volcano for more than an hour. I realized for years while seeing the volcano erupt they take pictures from close to the volcano. When you go to the overlook and the museum perched at the edge of the crater it is massive. The crater stretches off into the distance and frankly the ground around the edges of the volcano look like the moon. Craters and holes in the ground. Only the occasional brave plants that sprout roots and grows. It is like there is a line, where plants stop growing. The hard volcanic rock with just a small amount of soil or just rock. The rocks strewn around as if a giant had reached down, plucked them from the earth and thrown them. Giant children playing in their rooms with toys, failing to obey the giant mom’s rule of put the toys away when you are done with them, leaving them strewn about, everywhere.




Flowers growing, holes spewing steam and proud signs. The amazing reality of the volcano. I first remember seeing the volcanos in the park when was about six. My father had a video, actually I believe to be honest it was a film. 16mm film of the volcano erupting. It may have been a filmstrip. I don’t recall. It was long before the VHS or Betamax were the primary presentation of visual information. It showed the eruption of the volcano the explosion and the force. To be standing there, on the edge where lava had been thrown many times was amazing. To walk by flowers, such the middle picture and then just five feet away a hole to the core of the earth was just mind blowing. I still think about that, I still wonder. I am amazed.

It was the highlight of our stop on the big island. One of many highlights in the strip Hawaii. But if you get the chance to go to Volcano National Park, go. You won’t regret it. You will see something beyond description in words or pictures. But you will have a memory to last a lifetime.


Family Historian

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