Wander project King’s Island Amusement Park (Maineville Ohio)…


King’s Island is located just North of Cincinnati Ohio on I-71. The first time I saw King’s Island was on the Brady Bunch TV show (my sister and I watched that). I went for the first time when I was a high school freshman (with the band). I went again as a high school senior. I went several times while I was in college. Different groups at different times. Then, while living in the Cincinnati Ohio area we moved to Maineville (Maineville is the township that King’s Island is actually physically in). In fact our apartments butted right up against the woods that surround King’s Island so we went quite a bit. I’ve shared all of this before. I don’t like the crazy turn you upside down and dangle you for 10 minutes rides. I do however love to ride the roller coasters. Back when I was younger I would get to KI as early in the AM as I could so I could, with whatever group I was with, spring across the park to ride the Beast. The Beast was, for me, for many years the primary attraction of the park. The Beast is one of the largest wooden roller coasters ever made. You get the clicked clack of a train on tracks with the wonderful (and sudden) plunge of a roller coaster.


Watching the kids on these bumper cars is why I wonder if any of my children should ever be allowed to drive. Being in the bumper cars with the kids was terrifying. In particular because for some reason they all love to slam into either mom or dad. Not once, not twice not even one time each but instead they desire to ram mom and dad many times.Which made my plan of ramming each of them a little harder. While I was seeking one of them, the other two of them were seeking me. It was an interesting learning experience. The learning was should my children ever drive? The experience was bruises and bumps. We actually have been to a number of Amusement parks over the years. We’ve done the mandatory family trip to Disney World and Epcot center. We’ve done amusement parks here on the East Coast as well. We went to the magical LEGOLAND in Denmark as well. King’s Island was special though, for years it was the gold standard for me as to what and how an amusement park should be. It is also a place that I have been too so many times I understand its layout.


Barb about to be crushed while riding in the bumper cars. In 2011, we had a family reunion in Wisconsin Dells. Luke wanted more than anything to ride the wooden roller coaster, so we did (its called Hades). Amusement parks change and have changed over the years. There is now the mandatory water park, I have wandered through the water park but I am not a huge fan. I like swimming in lakes and the ocean. I do like riding in the flume and landing in a pool but the actual water park doesn’t hold much attraction for me anymore. First off because my eyes are sensitive and because of all the people and the reality of germs they have high chlorine levels in the pool. I am not a fan of that. Makes my eyes red. All the pictures shared today are from our last trip to King’s Island in 2010. We haven’t bene back since then, as we no longer live near the park. We don’t even, on our way to visit my sisters and mom, drive near Cincinnati anymore. That is funny to me, we lived there from 1991 to 1999. It is a wonderful city to go and see. If you do go I highly recommend stopping at, in and around King’s Island. One of the best amusement parks in the country.


Family Historian

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