Wander project back to the living history project (Indiana)…


Another cool project was the living history project. The past coming alive through the eyes and thoughts of children. We are wandering more in time than space today. This project was one the kids did for school. Luke is portraying a famous Hoosier Red Skelton. I had the fortune, when I was working at a restaurant in college to actually cook dinner for Red Skelton. He was a very funny man. This is Luke portraying the famous Indiana clown. Indiana is an interesting place. They call the state the cross roads. If you look at the history of Indiana, once upon a time it was the western border of the United States. It played a huge part in the early formation of the country. Indiana was the limestone capital of America for many years, until cutting and shipping limestone wasn’t effective cost wise. Then it wasn’t. Indiana has a geography however, that is extremely interesting There are no true mountains in Indiana but there are lots of hills. The southern border of the state is the Ohio river. The northern border of the state spans from Illinois, Lake Michigan all the way to Michigan itself. On the East is Ohio. On the West is Illinois and to the South Kentucky.


Another Indiana Legend, Ernie Pyle. Newspaper journalist and war reporter. The Indiana University school of journalism is named for Mr. Pyle. He was killed during WWII. This is Nick sharing his vision of the newspaperman (I think). Luke has a nice sign that tells who he was, I don’t see a picture where we can see who Nick was for sure so I am guessing based on Indiana Legends. There are many more legends in the state to consider. Over the years I had the opportunity to visit many of the cities in the state. During my teaching career I was hired as a Star Trainer by the State of Indiana (Star trainers were teachers who had technology skills to share with other teachers) so I went around the state and taught other teachers how to do certain computer tasks with kids. I got to visit many of the smaller parts of Indiana. The funny thing about travel in my family is this. No matter which type of travel you pick I finish second to one of my parents. My mother ran an organization that spanned the entire southern half of the State of Indiana. She would routinely travel all over Southern Indiana, far more Indiana travel than I ever did. My father worked internationally for many years, he traveled to many places I have never been to. So no matter how much I travel I am always second to one of my parents.


Except wandering Maryland. Then I have both my parents beat. Travel is an interesting beast. I love to travel but I hate the process of traveling. Airlines and hotels try really hard to make you comfortable but the reality is, it isn’t home. I guess because I did travel so much in the past, traveling now isn’t an adventure for me. That sense of adventure the wonder of what you might see, is the real magic of travel. Sometimes you can travel in time. Sometimes you travel in space. But you know no matter where you go, there are always new things to see. Sometimes, when we stop and remember, when we stop to recall it is truly time to share the memories. My greatest regret in life is not starting the family history project while my father was alive. My mother has supported this project, corrected errors and given me many wonderful ideas. But I would liked to share dad’s pictures with him. Dad put his pictures in boxes neatly. He stored them in a safe place. But no one really saw them. Oh we saw a few, the hand picked the one’s dad felt were worthy. We saw 100 pictures of the Sydney Opera house and pictures of mom. Mom never felt the pictures of her dad shared were good, but dad did. The family history project was started and within it the Wander Project, to share the memories with the world. So that someday you can look back and remember my family without me there.


Family Historian

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