Wander Project, Chicago and WRIGLEY FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was born in Chicago. Well in the ‘burbs just on the edge of the city. I went to Cubs games from the first chance I got. The Cubs have always been my team. I love all the Chicago teams. It was awesome watching one of the greatest teams ever in 1985 win the Super Bowl. That was my team, my favorite player was on it, Walter Payton. I enjoyed watching Jordan and the Bulls be dominant all those years. I really enjoyed watching the Blackhawks skate away with Lord Stanley’s cup, more than once! I looked for pictures of me at Wrigley. I haven’t any yet but I will continue to look. Wrigley and the Cubs are my heart. I’ve loved that team for so many years. I can’t image, I cannot speak. Winning against such a phenomenal team as the Indians. Winning in seven games. I haven’t breathed a deep breath since Sunday. I sat scared but someone confident. History was about to be made. Destiney was about to be fulfilled. I have favorite players and secondary teams I root for. I am a to the core IU Hoosier. I am too the core a Bears fan. But for many years I would also root for Peyton Manning. I loved the way he ran the Colts and the Broncos. I am a die hard Bears fan so it killed me when Peyton beat my bears. I choose that day to root for the Bears in the first half and the Colts in the second.


I’ve had a Cub’s banner hanging in every house I have ever owned. This image is of my office, this morning my dog watching over my Cubs. First off, there is more to being a Cubs fan than winning. It is about love. For all the years of my life I’ve rooted for a team that always had a reason it wasn’t going to succeed. I watched for years to sing Take me Out to the Ball game with Harry Carey. I loved seeing Bill Murray rooting for the same team. My wife spent a week with Ernie Banks getting his autograph. I got to speak with Ernie on the telephone. Ernie sent everyone in our family autographed baseball cards. Not the Tops cards or other companies cards. Ernie sent us the cards that he designed, he filled out. He signed each one to us personally. Until last night that was my single greatest Cub’s moment. Talking to Ernie Banks and then getting his autograph. Now it is my second greatest Cubs moment. All the way in Maryland, so far away from Chicago I can hear the noise. I can hear the sound of the giant Cubs party. Let’s fly the W flag. In fact let’s fly the W flag over Wrigley until next May. Everyday raise that flag. Cry Havoc and loose the hounds of war! The Cubs Win. The Cubs Win. Certainly it took 10 long innings. It was a great game to end a great series against another phenomenal team in the Cleveland Indians.

Memories are movements. We lock them into our brains and we hold them, cherish them. I remember watching the Ryne Sandberg Cubs of 1984, I recorded games (DVR although once upon a time I recorded games to watch on WGN on a VCR. I am that dedicated) games this summer to watch the Cubs, they were on about once a month. I listened to old recordings of Harry Carey.

There are greater joys in this life. Marriage and the day of my wedding to Barb is much higher high. Celebrating our 25th anniversary this year was a huge day. The days the kids were born. The day I handed the ring to Becca, welcoming her into my half the family. Those are days I won’t forget. Those are the days of which memories are stored forever. The days you will never forget. Below that are days like the Super Bowl win by the Bears. The undefeated and still last undefeated team, the 76 Indiana Hoosiers. The Blackhawks just a couple of years ago, the Bulls dominance in the 90’s. All epic days that while not the high of the family and personal events, up there. I am adding this day the Cubs won the world series to my second list. I got to see that. I got to see the Cubs win the World series. .

Yesterday closed a 108 year journey. I only walked for half that painful journey but it is over.

It might be, it could be, it is, Holy Cow.

Cubs Win.

Ernie, Harry I hope you watched.


Diehard Cubs Fan.

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