Wander project Vincennes Indiana


George Roger’s Clark was an American Hero during the revolutionary war. He didn’t fight with Washington on the East coast. He pushed the war to the western parts of the US including Indiana. This is an image of his memorial in Vincennes Indiana. It is one of those things you read about but don’t connect. The reality of war. George Roger’s Clark managed to wrestle Vincennes away from a significantly larger British force. He marched his men in a circle so the force appeared significantly larger than it was and the British surrendered. Vincennes is a city that time forgot. It was once one of the most important commerce cities in the state of Indiana. Then it slowly faded from glory. The first capital of Indiana was Corydon, but the territorial governor of the western US lived in Vincennes. George Roger’s Clark won the city back from the British using his own money to fuel the revolution. Sadly the US government was never able to pay him back and we ended up bankrupt.


The historical character here demonstrating the loading and firing of a revolutionary era musket. Now, during her talk she mentioned that she was not a high speed musket loader. She explained the process and then fire the weapon. For safety she fired the weapon away from the crowd of on lookers. Vincennes is nestled on the banks of the Wabash River. The Wabash forms the border between Indiana and Illinois for the southern part of the state. Vincennes is one of the oldest cities in the state founded by French Fur Traders in 1732. It lies on a map between Terre Haute and Evansville Indiana. Although on a size scale it is significantly smaller than either. Its population has risen over the past few years now reaching about 19,000 people. It has a wonderful historical park that is dedicated to the heroes and past of Indiana. There is also the Territorial Governors mansion that has many interesting things to see. It was a house built at the time when Illinois was the furthest West and Indiana was capital of the Northwest Territories.


Yes, like my father and grandfather I like to take pictures of the historical markers. I do not, however, slam on the brakes while driving and pull over making everyone in the car read the historical market. The image is an homage to my father and his father. Continuing their tradition of taking pictures of signs instead of the actual buildings represented by the signs! This in front of the former Governor’s Mansion of the Northwest Territories. Vincennes is a wonderful city to visit. It represents the past of Indiana in a manner that is impressive and fun. It isn’t the easiest place to get to now, when we use cars instead of rivers. I guess if you were floating down the Wabash River it would be pretty easy to stop there.  It was in 1775 the site of a major British Fort The the remains of which are still there) and the hub of the fur trading in that part of the country when fur trading was huge. We had a blast wandering the city and the museums. It is always fun to connect with the past.


Family Historian

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