Wander Project Annapolis Maryland redox…


The Chesapeake Bay, near Annapolis Maryland. Fun facts about Annapolis, sans the Naval Academy and Saint John’s University, the city is only 38,000 people according to the 2010 Census. I guess you can take the boy out of Bloomington Indiana (no students, population around 75000) but the boy will always end up loving towns like Bloomington. For some reason, I guess its the Washington DC, Baltimore Metropolis thinking I was of the opinion that Annapolis was a much larger city than it is. Anyway, funny how when you actually fact check yourself, you realize you were wrong. I think there may be more boats, than people living in Annapolis. That got me thinking about the city itself, what is Annapolis. For example there are quite a few miles between Annapolis and Kent Island so I suspect that isn’t part of the city. Being in that large Baltimore/DC metro area makes it hard to draw clear distinctions between city lines. Annapolis is 25 miles South of Baltimore and 30 miles or so East of Washington DC. The two Baltimore and DC have bene growing towards each other for the past 200 years. Someday it will just be one large city.


The convention that called for the Constitutional Convention was help in Annapolis. It has been the capital of Maryland nearly since the territory was founded. The sign standing just outside the most historic portion of the city. The red brick on all the buildings was something I marveled at the first time I saw it. I am used, of course, based on where I grew up, to buildings that are limestone on the outside. Indiana Limestone to be exact. Like the Empire State building (made from Indiana Limestone) is. So the red brick buildings were interesting. I’ve wandered around the edges of the Naval Academy (on the far side of Annapolis, across the Severn River). I have marveled at the historic “old wharf” area as well. I try to avoid the old wharf area as parking gets expensive fast there. (little to no street parking, lot’s of lots but you pay). We’ve eaten in a number of the restaurants that are just off Ego alley. Ego alley is the marina section of downtown Annapolis where the really big boats park. We are talking 70, 80 foot and beyond boats. One’s that start in the 2 million dollar range and go up. Each one more lavish than the last one.


The first time I went to Annapolis I was there for a meeting and didn’t see much. The second time we took my mother there for a fun day expedition. We’ve been there many times since then. I actually in a scary way am starting to understand how the city works. For example, I know that main street is always clogged on the weekends. But you can traverse the clog in roughly 20 minutes so it isn’t horrible. We’ve found a number of fantastic restaurants on that main drag. We’ve been to five at this point. (my reviews are posted on Yelp). It is a fantastic city to visit. I really love it on the days when the Naval Academy Midshipmen are out and about. The sea of  blue reminds me of the JA conferences that Indiana University used to hold back in the day. Those conferences were seas of blue as well, just suits not Navy Uniforms. I am starting to realize as I actually put pen to virtual paper, virtual pen as well, that Annapolis reminds me not of the Bloomington I left as an adult, but of the Bloomington I grew up in as a child. We were in Bloomington on its Sesquicentennial celebration, Annapolis is heading towards its 400th year. It passed 350 in 1999.

Funny how time is.

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