Wander project Indiana of the past and a side trip to Copenhagen…


The 1987 Pan Am games were held in Indianapolis Indiana. There was a radio content on our local radio station and I won tickets. I used to win stuff via radio contents all the time. I kind of got out of that business as I got older, but back then the allure of free was, well something. It was amazing to see the quality and level of international basketball that night. I kept this ticket stub in my photo album that had all my pictures randomly stored for future generations. Or more likely randomly stored and then forgotten. As we scanned this album during the family history project a couple of things happened. The first was a reminder of all the crazy things I saved. The second was the changes since that game. First off, this was the first team for the US after Robert Montgomery Knight coached the 1984 Olympic Gold Medal team. This was before the 1992 US dream team (Jordan, Magic etc) when the US was about to hit a low point in International Basketball.


This is our Collie MacGregor. He was with us for only three years. Mac was a great dog. He loved my dad more than anything on this earth. The day he died was a tragic day for me. The first dog I lost to death. (Anna Banana was given away because we were moving from a hosue in Vernon Hill’s near Chicago to student housing in Bloomington Indiana). The Veterinarian (who still made house calls) told my mother that Mac was going to die that night (it was a Thursday night when he came). My father was out of town until Sunday night. Mac didn’t move for three days but he got up and greeted my dad one last time. That love, that bond is one you don’t forget. In the background of this picture is my sister and I, sitting on the couch in the living room of our house in Sherwood Oaks. Sherwood Oaks is still around. It is on the South side of Bloomington Indiana. You head down Walnut street until it merges again with College and becomes Business 37 heading South. You head past Bloomington High School South and a long business area until you get to a shopping area. It was for many years a Marsh supermarket. turning left there would get you to Sherwood Oaks. When we lived there Dunstan Drive was the second road to the left in the sub division. Now there are several new roads that fill the front section of the sub division. As a kid that front section was empty, and we used it as a bike torture track, to play army and all the other crazy stuff we did.


This is the picture I took, in Copenhagen 1972. I stood shoulder to shoulder with my father as he, with his manual Pentax 35mm camera and I with my Kodak Instamatic 110 camera took this picture. This was on our journey home after being in Bangkok. The world changed while we were there. Well I changed forever while we were there. I treasure this picture, and the one that dad took. In 2016 while we were in Copenhagen, I made Barb and the kids trek to the Little Mermaid so that each of us could take this picture, of the harbor, of the  mermaid and Copenhagen as my father and I had done 44 years before. Not, as a maudlin recreation but as a tribute to the person whose idea it was to take the first picture. My father, the kids grandfather. They grumbled a little, but they all took the picture. They understand the importance of family history. After all, I probably scanned 1100 images. Between the three of them they actually scanned closer to 10,000 images each. Our final tally, from Barb’s parents, my parents and all the pictures Barb and I took, was 44,000 scanned images. We made a hard drive for each of my sisters, Becca got one, Barb’s brother got one, Jakki got one when she moved out and most importantly my mother got one.


Family Historian

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