Wander Project to Bloomington and Beyond…


Bloomington Indiana, Indiana University Memorial Stadium located just off 17th street and the Indiana 46 by pass. I never understood why the highway segment that ran just North of campus was called a bypass in Bloomington. It may have been at one time but the city grew around it, now it is just a street in the northern part of the city. Indiana Universities colors are Cream and Crimson. As a young Boy Scout we would often act as Ushers for the games. Helping people find their seats and then watching the games from the stands. This particular image is from Indiana vs. Iowa. For many years the Hoosiers were the worst team in the big ten for Football. As a Cubs fan I could relate to that. Last year the Hoosiers went to the Pin Stripe Bowl game in New York City. They are one win with three games left away from being Bowl Eligible this year. College is an interesting experience. For me however, growing up in Bloomington I loved IU from the moment we moved there. Some of my fondest memories are sitting with dad and listening to the IU Basketball games. Or watching them on the tiny television we used to have in the family room.


My father loved being outdoors. Here is the camper van they bought in the 2000/2001 time period. When mom and dad had the farm West of Bloomington, dad was always outside. He grew up in the Dells (Wisconsin Dells) and was outside for most of his childhood. Exploring the woods around the Wisconsin River. So being outdoors was a part of who he was. He and mom had a couple of different campers over the years. Because they lived in Indiana I think campers were a better fit than boats. Although, given both of their childhoods I wouldn’t be surprised if being closer to the Ocean it was boats instead of campers. Boats have better beds than campers like the one mom and dad have, had. The main area bed in this camper was awful. My back hurt for a month after sleeping on that bed for four nights on a trip to Wisconsin. We (Barb, the kids and I) made a pilgrimage to Cambridge Wisconsin in the summer of 2001. It took me about 3 years to get over the passing of my grandfather. 5 years after we made a pilgrimage to say goodbye to both him and my grandmother. We used mom and dad’s camper to make the trip. The good thing about having the camper was we didn’t need hotels. We also had plenty of room to bring back cheese!


Once upon a time my sons were that small. They have grown considerably since then. Like all teenagers they have rough edges that their mother and I are sanding. But they have grown up to be amazing human beings. They care deeply about the world around themselves. This, 2016 is their first official election. They have spent hours with me as we walk around our neighborhood with the dogs, discussing politics. I find myself taking the role my father took all those years ago. Pushing the boys to understand both sides. Not to condemn the other side but to listen, learn and understand the why of the other side. It used to drive me nuts when dad did that to me, but I understand now. It is important to be able to express the concepts, ideas and values of both sides. Your beliefs are separate from your understanding. There are times when you look at the position of the other side and it makes you cringe. You wonder why would someone say that or do that. But you have to understand that position. There may be things you don’t see at first that push someone towards a different position. Understanding how and what someone else things makes your position better. I am still working on that, all these years later dad.


Family Historian

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