Wander project–wandering the other photo folder…


Our first boat, Cincinnati Ohio 1998. It was a Sea Ray 260. Single engine 26 footer. We kept it on the Ohio River. I had forgotten we had these old pictures of our first boat. Being on the Ohio was a learning experience for this long time lake boater. The rules are the same but the reality of current and boat size changed everything. I learned quite a bit about river boating. The most valuable lesson of all, when a barge blows its horn it isn’t moving, you are! Some of the coal and other barges on the Ohio are huge. They kick up massive wakes. Still it was a great learning experience. We traded this boat in for a smaller boat when we moved from Cincinnati Ohio to Greenwood Indiana. Greenwood, being a little more land locked than Cincinnati. Lakes a plenty for boating, but not many larger commercial rivers. So we moved down boat sizes and types. This boat was our first cabin cruiser. With a full kitchen, bathroom and two berths. Although the second sleeping area was very small.


We have had a fireplace (gas) in every house we’ve owned since 1993. Our first hosue had a very old gas fireplace that we never used. Mostly out of fear. It was very dirty and well just not sure it would work properly anymore. Our second house in Cincinnati had a gas fireplace in our family room/home theater. Our house in Greenwood, decorated for Christmas in the picture here, had a giant Marble fireplace. Our first leased house in Maryland had a wood burning fireplace. We never had a fire in the fireplace there, mostly out of fear. The house had a few quirks and the landlord didn’t respond very quickly. So we moved to our house now. We have a wonderful brick fireplace that the original owners of the hosue actually added a woodstove insert. That insert can heat the entire center of the house. It lets us get away with no furnace until mid- late November. It is funny, for many years because of the mess, Barb didn’t like fireplaces. Now she is the first person to ask for a fire when it gets cold outside.


Coming into Chicago, O’Hare airport at night. For many years I worked in downtown Chicago. We almost moved to Chicago, twice. I would fly up on Monday morning, or drive up on Monday morning and hang out in the city until mid-day Friday and then drive home. I found a folder in my picture collection called other. I wasn’t really sure what I would have considered other, pictures. It is a collection of pictures moved from Pocket PC Phone cameras, various video cameras and of random things. Such as boats, fireplaces and well just about anything strange you could think of. A huge part of the family history project was the organization of pictures into logical groupings. I still have a ways to go, a few pictures to finish. We started out with more than 110,000 pictures so it has taken awhile. I am down to the 3,300 pictures in this Other folder to finish! There are quite a few interesting pictures in the folder, I will share a few in this blog, (more than my usually 3). I am always intrigued by the way things work. You classify things as a 20 year old, 30 year old, 40 year old and now in my 50’s differently. So it is fun to see what my younger self thought other was.








This last one a picture of all of us taken around 1999, 2000 time frame. This is shortly after we moved to Greenwood Indiana. We have a large print of this picture in our house. It is Nick, Jakki Luke on the front row. Me, Becca and Barb on the back row.


Family Historian

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